The Joy Project


Here’s the reading list for The Joy Project.  If you’re currently taking the study, please leave questions or comments on this page.

When you read, circle anything in the passage that expresses the idea of joy, happiness, delight, blessing, etc.  Read carefully and then think about these questions:  1) What caused or stopped joy in this passage?  2) Is there a principle to be learned from this passage (hint: yep, there sure is!)  3) What action steps could I take to apply this kind of joy to my life today?


  • Day 1: Psalm 5
  • Day 2: 2 Chronicles 15
  • Day 3:  Psalm 89
  • Day 4:  Psalm 47
  • Day 5: I Chronicles 29 & 2 Corinthians 9:6-11
  • Day 6:  Your choice – find something good in the bible about JOY – and then post a comment and tell us all about it!


  • Day 1:  Psalm 16 & Acts 2:25-28
  • Day 2:  Psalm 132
  • Day 3:  John 15
  • Day 4:  Psalm 27
  • Day 5:  Psalms 90 & 92
  • Day 6:  Your choice!


  • Day 1:  2 Chronicles 29 & 30
  • Day 2:  Philippians 3
  • Day 3:  Psalm 81
  • Day 4:  Habakkuk 3
  • Day 5:  Zephaniah 3
  • Day 6:  Your choice.


  • Day 1:  Psalms 42 & 43
  • Day 2:  Hebrews 12:1-13
  • Day 3:  Zechariah 9:9 and Luke 19:29-39
  • Day 4:  Philippians 1
  • Day 5:  Nehemiah 12
  • Day 6:  Your choice.


  • Day 1:  Esther 8
  • Day 2: I Thessalonians 1
  • Day 3:  Luke 6
  • Day 4:  Luke 10
  • Day 5:  Jeremiah 31
  • Day 6:  It’s all you!


  • Day 1:  Matthew 28
  • Day 2:  Psalm 42
  • Day 3:  Psalm 51
  • Day 4:  Hebrews 1 & Psalm 45:6-7
  • Day 5:  Psalm 33
  1. Tracy says:

    Week 1: Day 1:

    Psalm 5:3 “In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and WAIT IN EXPECTATION.”

    Bo, I layed my requests before Him, and I wait in expectation, all the while protected and surrounded with favor as a sheild.

    Thank you for leading me to this truth!

  2. Cindy Johnson says:

    Bo – Thank you thank you thank you for being willing to share the Joy Project with the women’s Bible Study groups!! And especially for getting out of your sick bed to be with us on Tues. You are one amazing woman!

    It blessed me – and I am so looking forward to the coming weeks. Kaitlin lost her job at Bank of the Cascades a while ago due to downsizing so I am thrilled that she can be part of the study, too. She elbowed me when you mentioned that Tori wouldn’t tell you what she had on for her job interviews since I can constantly telling her what she should wear. 🙂 Must be a “mother thing”, huh? And I’m all over that concept of my kids letting their children live with me!! We are on the same page, Girlfriend!!

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Tracy – I journaled on exactly that same verse. My version said, “Watch and wait…” Oh, I love the idea of being on the edge of my seat in anticipation for what He will do when HE shows up!

    Cindy – bless you for being with me in the Moms Who Struggle with Letting Go club. It was so fun to see you and Kaitlin there and I SO appreciate the encouragement. I’m looking forward to this week and believing I will have a normal voice. 🙂

  4. A'Leah says:

    I have to tell you I am (waay) behind on my homework and am just doing Day 6 of week 2. Being the age of technology and google I decided to type in “bible verse on pursuing God and staying in His presence” today to find a verse of my own (haha). The following website came up…
    …and I couldn’t stop laughing and how Wikihow (from Wikipedia) tells HOW TO BE IN GOD’S PRESENCE! That’s not very PC now is it? LOL However, as I read through it I was encouraged by the simplicity of some of the things it said and am currently in my room (by myself!) with worship music on and a yummy smelling candle burning, asking God to speak to me. Better, yet, that I might hear him!

    Every morning, before my feet hit the ground, I claim God’s government as authority in our home and I pray for joy for my husband, my kids, our CLC student/roomate, and myself. All the while I have had such a peace lately and cannot stop singing to myself “It Is Well With My Soul”. If you haven’t checked out Brenton Brown’s version of this song you should. “Whatever my lot Thou has taught me to say it is well, it is well with my soul”. Now that’s what I call peace, a peace that comes from having His joy! Thank you, again, for obeying our Savior and loving women so that we can be encouraged!

  5. Jeannie Unverzagt says:

    Bo-I couldn’t let this day get away from me before I told you how grateful I am for YOU!!!! I had no doubt that this study would be good because I have always got alot from you when you speak at church….BUT…I had no idea just how “spot on” you would be for me right now!!! Our grown daughter has been a source of concern for both my husband and myself for many years. I came to bible study with questions of why is God not answering our prayers and is there anything I am missing that God wishes for me to be doing for her. You seem to touch on some gemstone that speaks to me each time I listen to you and you have clarified so much for me. I will continue to be a prayer warrior and never give up hope for our daughters salvation but I now realize that only God has the power to change our daughters will. I can now truly say that I have given it back to our Lord and He is now in total control…..and that feels so much better!! You have a true gift of speaking passionately from your heart and I praise the Lord for putting you in front of me at just the right time. Thank you so much for giving of yourself and for sharing your time and knowledge with all of us. You have been a HUGE blessing in my life, Bo. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  6. bolovesjoe says:

    A’Leah – LOVED the story about Wikipedia…you just never know where wisdom might be hiding!

    Jeannie – thanks so much for your wonderful note – I am joining you in praying for your precious daughter (I tell you, my heart feels the weight of your love for her…so deep what we feel for our kids. Just so deep.). I know that Jesus hears and sees and cares for her to the ends of the earth and back. Bless you, new friend.

  7. Gail Gumpert says:

    Thanks for always showing me something new about the Lord everytime you teach. You continually Bless me. Today after study I had the Great pleasure of helping in my grandsons class at Trinity School.. As I was helping the students, I noticed something on the wall that the teacher had put on the wall of her list of classroom rules.. the first one was:
    Jesus First
    Others Second
    Yourself Last
    I thought what a wonderful thing to teach children at a young age..that it is not about them.. Jesus is first in their lives. My children are blessed to get to send their children to this school.. But I wanted to share this with you and maybe you can pass it on. I had never noticed this before being in his room.. God quickly pointed out to me today.. God Is So Faithful. Thank you for your wonderful teaching .. you are a gift.. Blessings. gail

  8. Holly says:

    Thanks for following God’s prompting to pursue and share some of your findings on joy. I’ve enjoyed the study, but for me it’s not finished yet, especially since I still have half of the workbook to get to 🙂

    My skip around style landed me on Wk 6, day 1 today:
    Questions are open ended, unresolved, unknown- feed fears and worst case scenarios. The ‘what if’s’ of lost opportunities, choices gone wrong, heartache, the uncertain ability to weather through storms…

    I’m wondering if the level of joy in my life is equal to my willingness to step out in faith, to risk that my interpretation of God’s will- which might be wrong- might also be very right.

    If pursuing Jesus had no mystery- the relationship would quickly fall flat, so…
    boldly I go forth to decision corner.

    Thanks Bo

  9. Twyla Biggs says:

    Bo — The joy project was wonderful!!! I especially enjoyed your excitement and enthusiasm every week when you spoke at Westside Church. It was contageious and reignited my desire to know him.

    I am looking forward to the production of your CD of these lectures so I can enjoy the messages again. I hope it is ready sooner than August — as I am ready now.


  10. bolovesjoe says:

    Gail, Holly & Twyla – Thank you so much for your lovely and inspiring comments. It means the world to me! Twyla – I’ll certainly let you know when the DVD is completed!

  11. Jeannie Fuller says:

    Hi Bo!

    Well you did it girl! I knew you could! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sweet spirit. When I think about walking out our joy I am always reminded of Graham Cooke’s testimony on how the Lord was teaching him how to find the kindness of God in ten seconds. Ever since I heard that I have been reminded to seek Him out even in the midst of trying situations.

    Now with your Joy study I have been given more tools to quicken my heart to How fantastic our God is “All the Time.” You know I am the kinda of person that doesnt get to rattled by world events etc. but its those little things that I find can get under my skin “The little foxes.” You know like the atm card I lost in the store the other day. The rushed voice of my husband trying to get me out the door. Ok! God! 1,2,3,4,5, ah theres your kindness and joy.

    Well friend Just wanted to tell you! You are loved and appreciated…by your sister who gets to see you in fleeting moments. Oh someday lets make a coffee date again.

  12. Robin Mock says:

    Hi Bo!
    I came to Selah for the second time and again loved it! My friend Amy Anderton (also of Westside) spoke very highly of you and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I really want to purchase your newly published Joy Bible Study…you only had a few left and I figured I could just somehow order one from you. If this is possible, please let me know how I can get one!

  13. bolovesjoe says:

    Hi Robin – thanks so much for your comment! Yep, The Joy Project can be found at – believe it or not – Or, I’m sure Amy could hook you up as it will be in our bookstore there shortly.



  14. Robin Mock says:

    Thanks for the quick response. Glad you made it home safely last night

    I did see it on the site, but don’t see where to order it with the CD–there must be a link or other notation I am somehow missing!

  15. bolovesjoe says:

    Hi again Robin – I checked the site and it’s there with DVD for $35 and a button to click to put it in the shopping cart. You do need to scroll down a bit on the page, but I think it’s there. Please let me know ASAP if you have any trouble at all.



  16. Lisa Hogan says:

    Hi Bo,

    I was one of the ladies at the Church On the Hill retreat, last weekend. Thank you so much for all that you said. It was truly a beautiful sight to see so many ladies gather in small groups to share, cry and give over the government of their souls to God. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. Praise God.

    Mornings are not my favorite either. But, at 5 am, my husband and daughter are still asleep and it is quiet. The best time to spend it with God, leaning into Him to hear whatever He has to say.

    I just started with the Joy Project. What fun! And, so far – what conviction!!

    Thanks. Lisa

  17. janna graham says:


    Hi, I bought the Joy bible study w/CD at the womens conference in Corbett (Church on the Hill). I had two friends that want to go through it with me. I wanted to ask if it was alright with you if I copied the work book pages from my book for them.
    I’m really looking forward to the study!

    Thank you,


  18. Karen says:

    BO! Wow! I know you said weeks one and two are the most important, but last night as the wind howled here in Portland and my husband was at a church budget meeting (ick) I started prepping week 4 for my Friday group. I think week 4 is gonna rock a whole bunch of worlds! Good stuff. Praying for my attitude and thoughts to soar at God’s altitude.

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