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Today I’m going to unplug everything but the lights on my tree & listen for the sound of His footsteps. #whenholidayshurt


We fit in our real story: where our sorrow finds a home among friends and our brokenness finds a Savior who understands. #whenholidayshurt

Perhaps on that glorious day in eternity we’ll have to be reminded that we ever cried at all. #whenholidayshurt

The world was a mess on the first Christmas night, but Jesus came…wearing a name of endless hope and promise: With us. #whenholidayshurt

Has a less-than-perfectholiday season left you wanting more? Go to Him. He fills empty hearts w/hope that lasts. #whenholidayshurt

If you find yourself today in a seemingly endless winter solstice, take heart. Morning will come. #whenholidayshurt

I’m writing over at @CaringBridge today – on Dealing With Sorrow During the Hap-Happiest Season of All.