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I’m writing over at @CaringBridge today – on Dealing With Sorrow During the Hap-Happiest Season of All.


Perhaps you are exactly where you need to be to experience the miracle of Advent after all. #whenholidayshurt

We take over Christmas with expectations & projects & move further into chaos. He takes over Christmas & He brings peace. #whenholidayshurt

You may feel you have nothing valuable to bring Him, but that’s okay. It turns out He only needs tears and ashes. #whenholidayshurt

Your brokenness is the only material He needs in order to build something grand. #whenholidayshurt

Maybe this is the year to see through the polished-up holiday veneer & remember the promise of Isaiah. Christ. Has. Come. #whenholidayshurt

A fresh look at the people involved in the Christmas story reminds us that Christmas began as a big, ugly scandal. #whenholidayshurt