My friends are ridiculous…and I adore them.

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well I just have to tell you: that was some anniversary!

Rough morning, no doubt about it.  My kids both had to sacrifice things that were important to them because we are a one-parent household this week.  I drove to work thinking, praying and pretty desperately asking God to give me wisdom on how to be what my kids need me to be, even on days when I don’t feel enough to be what anyone needs.

Steve and I had talked in the morning and wished one another a happy anniversary.  He also added, “I’m holding you to that 50 year list, Bonita.”  Ha!  I really love that wonderful guy.  But, frankly, that whole “time” issue was weighing pretty darn heavily on my human heart as I drove to work.  When I got there, I walked into my office to find a large vase filled with a small bouquet of daisies and a note that said,

“Don’t ask questions.  Just leave this on your desk all day.”

Well, I recognized both the writing and the sassy tone:  my lovely assistant Stephenie.  If you saw her, you would not believe that she is sassy.  She looks really sweet and gentle.  Do not be fooled (oh, how I love that sassypants girl!)

A few minutes later, in walked my friend, Teri, who put a Happy Anniversary balloon in the vase.  And do you wanna know what I did?  God and Teri as my witness, I cried like a silly.  I really did.  And Teri sweetly smiled and walked out.

A minute later, my friend Tony came in with orange gerbera daisies and a jar of oatmeal cookies (which I now realize are OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious).  More crying.

Next was Kimberly with tulips.

And Jeanie with sparkly heart lollipops.

Tracy delivered lovely yellow and white blossoms.

Whitney & Corey brought  a mum for their Mum (that was Corey’s line).

A truly stunning bouquet arrived from my husband (reason #27 I love him – he sends flowers to my office quite regularly).

A giant and HAPPY red balloon came from Kenz.

Orange roses (my favorite color!) showed up from Noel.

“Circus” roses from Sassy Steph.  Please will you just LOOK at these incredible flowers?  Just this one look makes me marvel at the handiwork of God!

A gorgeous white hyacinth (and a very clever poem)  from Katie A.

Pink roses in a mason jar with a chocolate brown ribbon from A”Leah (gorgeous!)

Daisies and a stuffed GROUNDHOG! from Katie Scott.

A box of Twinkies (be still my heart) from Gina.

And several treats from mystery friends (please don’t be sad if I missed listing you…my head was spinnin’) I loaded up my haul (I felt like a figure skater!) and took it home.

I went home feeling loved and blessed…and then I got ready for my anniversary date.  I did my hair and makeup, changed into something pretty and I went to church with Jesus.  It was lovely.  He is lovely.  Life is lovely, even in it’s uncertainty.  He is certain in all things, in all ways, no matter what.

And He sent me a LOT of flowers on my anniversary.

When I went back to church tonight, my desk was again filled with amazing things that I haven’t had the chance to look at yet.

Thank you Steve, thank you friends, and thank You, Jesus for a day worth remembering for a lifetime.

I love you all more than words can say,


  1. kathy says:


  2. Whitney Parnell says:

    It truly was a wonderful day. I’m so amazed by our quality AND quantity of friends who will take time out of their day to show us they love us! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

  3. Gail says:

    you are Truly Loved!!! By all of your friends and of course that wonderful man ,,,Jesus.. and oh, Steve…

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