26 Reasons

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, in honor of my wedding anniversary, I will be having lunch with my daughter.  Steve is in Florida and assures me he’s thinking of me.  I have assured him that his absence on our anniversary – two years in a row – has qualified me for some sort of compensation.  Since I’m morally opposed to diamonds, this will probably involve food.

For his non-food related anniversary gift, I have a prepared a list of reasons I love him.  One reason for every year we’ve been married.

  1. He is good at golf.  I love this about him even though it caused a lot of issues in our marriage for the first few years.
  2. He is a loyal friend.
  3. He is kind to everyone.
  4. He is compassionate – seriously, one of the most compassionate people I have ever known.
  5. He is gracious in every way.
  6. In 26 years, though I’m sure I have deserved it, he has never raised his voice one time.
  7. He doesn’t take cheap shots.
  8. He calls me Beautiful more than he calls me Bo…like it’s my actual name.
  9. He plays the trumpet really well.
  10. During this whole process of discovering that he is sick, he has never complained one time.
  11. He trusts God for everything (which probably explains #10.)
  12. He loves his children with all that he is.
  13. He loves Africa and his heritage there.
  14. He is bald and I have a particular fondness for bald.
  15. He has a sharply focused vision of eternity.  This effects who he is and how he responds to life.
  16. He is a gentleman.
  17. He is teaching his son to be a gentleman as well.  Josiah will hold the door for a lady every time.
  18. He is a worshiper.
  19. Sometimes, when he thinks I’m asleep, I hear him praying for me.
  20. He loves the church.
  21. He does his own laundry.
  22. He always smells good.
  23. He’s affectionate and has helped me learn to be affectionate too.
  24. He has a large group of friends who could call him for absolutely any reason at any time of the day or night and he would be there no matter what.
  25. He would lay his life down for his family.
  26. He makes a great omelette.

Oh, dear Steve, I have never been more thankful for you.  I plan on making this same list at year 50, just so you know.

So much love,

Mrs. Stern

  1. Arlene Tatum says:

    Bo, Truly, God has blessed you. As I read your list, I gave praise that God has given you a man that truly loves Him and you, I never had such a blessing. My story is an ugly one of a 30 yr. marriage of abuse…my husband died in 1989. You have a gift of sharing what a good marriage should look like, despite the trials, and the way a husband and wife should support each other. Thanks for sharing, I continue to pray for your husband and you.

    If you have time and would like to listen to my testimony go to:
    http://www.rollinghills.org/sam,,,,,,,,archive search…..Forgiven and Set Free – Jan. 9, 2011

    Blessings dear sister in the Lord.

  2. Heather Hiatt Sutter says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Jalet says:

    Bo, I think you might want to add a parenthesis to your title 26 reasons (to get a kleenex). Thank you for letting us share such a great reveal of your heart. May God continue to show you, and fill you, with the littlest details of life that reflect Him. I am not saying Steve is Jesus, but Steve has so filled himself with Jesus that at every opportunity you see Jesus through him. I think if you applied the name Jesus, instead of Steve to each of the 26 statements you declared, the sentence would remain true. (Well, maybe with the exception of bald, and trumpet player) What higher compliment can anyone receive? I praise you for honoring and respecting your husband. Happy 26th Anniversary.

  4. Shandra says:


  5. lp says:

    Happy Anniversary Bo and Steve! What a blessing you both are to our family!

    Love you both so, so much!

  6. Katie says:

    Number 19 did me in.

  7. Ann Dunagan says:

    So fun!!! You two are about 5 months ahead of Jon and I. What a fabulous team you are!!! (I laughed about the golf comment; it sounds like our relationship with fishing!) Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Vicki Miles says:

    This tribute is a beautiful model of Christian marriage and I am grateful that you found each other in this great big world of life.
    We continue to pray for you and your family.

  9. Corey the son in law says:

    I want to be like my dad, only with more hair.

  10. Gail says:

    Happy Anniversary and enjoy your girl-time at lunch… nothing better than one on one with our children!!!

  11. # 14….I totally get it;)

  12. Susie Kay says:

    This is very sweet. I am sure I could come up with 34 reasons why I miss Donald. That is how long we were married. Susie

  13. Jenn Hoff says:

    So beautiful.

  14. Gwen says:

    Dear Beautiful Bo,

    #19 did me in too. Many of those great things I knew already (kind, compassionate, etc.) but hearing him praying for you when he thinks you’re asleep? Oh man …

  15. Victoria says:

    In case any of you are wondering, he totally does call her Beautiful more than he calls her Bo, here it is in a sentence: “Hey, Beautiful, what’s for lunch?” Just like that.:) It was amazing reading this list and think hey, ya, he totally is all of those things! Dad is wonderful, and so is Mom!
    Happy Anniversary!

    Post Script: My favorite on this list is trumpet playing cause I have a distinct memory of Dad playing to Ancient of Days on the worship team in Nebraska.:)

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