Speaking of Real Women…

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we asked the question, “Where have all the real women gone?”  and we discussed what qualities define womanhood.  I loved all the answers  – especially those that included the idea that real women are out there, but they’re not usually the celebrities or supermodels.  These are the women who do the tough work of life; they  love God, raise good kids, serve their world and are not defined by their wardrobes or wrinkles or net worth.

And, yes, they surely do still exist!  Here are some of my favorites, described by three words, just for fun:

  • My mom, Ellen Joyprecise, wise, humble
  • My mother-in-law, Eleanorstrong, faith-filled, inspiring
  • My sister-in-law, Susannurturing, industrious, faithful
  • My sister-in-law, Molly: loving, strong, courageous
  • My sister-in-law, LindaMOM, smart, organized
  • My sister, Cherylcreative, loyal, empathetic
  • My sister, Lilafunny, fun, intercessor
  • My dear, dear friend, Chris: loyal, steady, lovely
  • My daughter, Whitneywise, authentic, prophetic
  • My daughter, Toriclever, passionate, loyal
  • My daughter, Tesspoised, feminine, intelligent
  • My bff, Pamoutrageous, fun, makesyoulaughnomatterhowhardyourdayhasbeen

Real, beautiful, strong women of God,each and every one.

This is your chance to give a big three-word shout out to the real women in your life!  List your favorite women in the comments and pick three words to describe them, then send those wonderful ladies this way…it’ll make their day!  I’m going to be posting some more  tributes to my favorite women throughout the day here as well.

Thankful to know the best women in the world,


P.S.  I just realized it might appear that I put my own picture at the very front of the line up top and I want to point out that is actually my mini-me, Victoria Stern.  Over and out.

  1. pam says:

    aww heck…she likes me! she really really likes me! love you back, bff!

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Heh, Pam: I know how doubts creep up after 27 years and you start to ask questions like: does this relationship have what it takes to go the distance? And then you remember: no one else in the whole wide world would ever put up with me. And then you make a blog post about your friend so she doesn’t get any ideas about trying out a new friend. 🙂

  3. pam says:

    oops…forgot to pick my three.

    Carole – creative, faithful, fun

    Adelle – wise, hilarious, centered

    Bo – loyal, crazy-smart, passionate

    dear God, i’m blessed.

  4. Jamie says:

    Love all your pics! Real women in my life…
    my Mom- nurturing, loving, always giving
    Jenni- faithful, encouraging, and passionate
    Virginia- brave, supportive, and a beautiful worshipper of Jesus
    Lorelei- bold, soft hearted, and persistent
    Danielle- strong, daring and trusting
    Christina- honest, encouraging, and prophetic
    Trina- loving, supportive, and joyful
    Breann- wise, overcomer, and encouraging
    Lacey- giving, wise, and faithful
    Maddie- honest, bold, and persistent

    I better stop now….I could do this all day long! But I can’t forget Bo- graceful, strong and eloquent

  5. nitabelles says:

    Bo – wise beyond her years, funny, amazing writer, wife, mother, pastor…oh heck, you got it all! And these admiring remarks are no flattery!
    Gaby – My dearest friend- strongest woman of God I know, wold leader, Mom/Grandma,/wife
    Georji-my daughter – Strong, thoughtful, loves over the top when she loves (and she makes perfect children ;-))

    I Love peoples answers and love that they are about character, not hair (esp today! :-))

  6. ci says:

    Mom- merciful, wise, strength

    Megan – servant, courageous, student of life

    Taylor – laughter, merciful, defender

    Lila – intercessor, generous, warrior

    Bo – student, funny, family

    Helen – faithful, stability, powerfully gentle

    Vickie – sweet, gracious, empathetic

    Terry – joyful, hospitable, servant

    oh…there are so many more. I am so grateful for the gift of these women iin my life!

  7. Taylor says:

    WOW! What a list… True blessings… I love this! In the dark, the light of these women shine brighter… I may only know a few of them… but they are beautiful, strong, amazing women!

    Thanks Bo!

    Since were all making lists…

    Gina- Strong, Courageous, and butt kicking AWESOME 😉
    Roxanne- Giving, loving, patient
    Cassie-Prophetic, giving, and the bestfriendEVER
    Greta-giving, caring, willdropanythingtohelpyouout!

    I could go on, but love these women. LOVE YOU Bo!!

  8. bolovesjoe says:

    Okay…more from me!

    Mekenzie: funny, happy, welcoming
    Noel: faithful, creative, seeking
    Katie Scott: brilliant, articulate, prophetic
    Jenna: gentle, strong, steadfast
    Stephenie Madsen: sexy Christian (ha! such a long story here.)
    Stephenie Madsen (for real): elegant, gracious, deepwater
    Elisa: wise with words, equalizer, smart

    More soon!

  9. bolovesjoe says:

    Tracy Hamaker – funny, sassy, focused
    Nita Belles – passionate, just, heroic
    Susie Kay – Kind, prayer warrior, encouraging
    Sweet Annie – creative, hilarious, kind
    Jamie – strong, visionary, teacher

  10. Sassy!!! I call my daughter sassy-pants all the time:)

    Mom-Francine: Faithful, friend, irreplacable
    BFF- Bre Montoya: Courageous, Strong, FUN
    Daughter-Abby(real woman in the making): Joyful, compassionate, sassy:)

    Loves to you Bo, thanks for giving us an opportunity to pause and lift up REAL WOMEN!

  11. Kimberly Alexander says:

    Cheri (my bff)- smart, super fun, determined
    Maci – (my daughter) – creative, hilarious, focused
    Carol – (my mom) – strong, faith-filled, encouraging

    Fun post, Bo! 🙂

  12. Cathy Turk says:

    Bethany, (Daughter) Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant…(wise beyond her years) just like she was at age 4..
    Deb (Sister) overcomer, encourager, she doesnt know it, but she’s a Rock
    Susie (bff) good listener, adventurous, if women can have soul mates, i think she it.

    Can i add Beth Moore? Please??? Such a women of Godly Character, Funny, Passionate, Open, (what’s that called? Transparent)

    Thanks Bo,, just loved reflecting on what a blessing these women are in my life..

  13. cassie says:

    I love this post. I love this blog. I love this Bo!

    My mom: intelligent, servant hearted, beautiful
    Taylor Cailee: giving, brilliantly crafty, mostincrediblebestfriendever
    Beth: prayer -warrior, kind, heart of gold
    Stephenie Jayne : funny, wise, smartasallgetout

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alicia Hart, Bo Stern. Bo Stern said: Give a three-word shout-out to the amazing women in your life: http://ow.ly/3MlME […]

  15. Stephenie says:

    Receiving not one, but TWO “shout outs”? Fun.
    Having to explain the Sexy Christian story to people who don’t find it as funny as you and I? Still fun.

    And on that note…

    Mama — constant. self-sacrificing. graceful.
    Fabiola — brave. tenacious. loyal.
    Katie A. — quick-witted. generous. conversable.
    Mekenzie — pace-setter. worshiper. confident.
    Noelie — unique. dreamer. reliable.
    Cassie — zealous. gifted. bold.

    I like this game.

  16. bolovesjoe says:

    Steph, I like thos game too. I also like the game of making up alternative and more exciting explanations for the Sexy Christian situation. In addition, I think the more we write Sexy Christian in this post, the more hits my blog will get. 🙂

  17. Mekenzie says:

    I wanted to share with you the google add that was on your blog…I think google is misunderstanding the point 😉

    What Attracts Men
    9 Dangerous Mistakes Women Make That Men Find Totally Unattractive

    Now to join in the fun:

    Mom- warm, wise, dependable
    Sister- quick-witted, loyal, servant
    Noelly- kind, selfless, strong
    Majell- honest, encouraging, strong convictions
    Jenna- sweet, faithful, steady
    Katie- just, worshipper, hilarious
    Whitney- confident, deep, hearer
    Elisa- intercessor, hostess with the mostess, friend
    Tara- passionate, prayer, go-getter
    Steph- pillar, lovely, sure

  18. gail says:

    What an awesome way to honor those ladies who touch our lives or have touched our lives…

    Mom — loves unconditionally, patient , loving
    Kory– pillar in her family, athletic, kind, and thoughtful
    Becky– compassionate, sensitive, loving and always sees the good in others
    Tami–BFF— giving, confident, prayer warrior
    love this game too… thanks Bo..

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