Weapon-Smashing God

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’re out of town today, but I wanted to share something with you from my journal on January 8.  Loved this fresh picture of God in heaven – not the way the American church paints Him (like some sort of de-clawed Aslan) – but doing what He does best.  He is ready to be powerfully involved in your battle today.  I am certain of it:

Psalm 76:1-2  God is known in Judah; His name is great in Israel.  His tent is in Salem, His dwelling place in Zion.  There He shatters the bow’s flaming arrows, the shield, the sword, and the weapons of war.

I love this picture of God in heaven (altitude – He is situated WAY above my war!) snapping the arrows of the enemy over His knee,  shattering the shields, swords and all of his weapons.  When we say, “If you are risen with Christ, seek those things which are above where Christ is seated on the right hand of the Father..”  That’s heaven; the home of God.  Turns out, there’s not a whole lot of cloud-sitting or harp-playing going on.   If I direct my attention and focus my vision on what is happening in heaven, I will see God, breaking the arrows of my enemies before they have a chance to be notched into the bow.  Amazing.

A good prayer, I think is, “Disable the weapons the enemy is using to bring depletion, distraction or destruction to my life and home. Snap his arrows in two.  Smash his bows.  Shatter his sword and leave him with no means of defense.”  This is not hand-to-hand combat with powers and principalities which would be foolish and dangerous.  This is praying the Word into my war…it’s sending powerful prayer to heaven, where the real work of warfare is being done.  Whatever is destroyed in heaven is destroyed on earth.  Whatever is rescued in heaven is rescued on earth.  Whatever is set free in heaven, is set free on earth.

Father, help me to hear and understand the battle plans as they are communicated through prayer between heaven and earth.   Help me to know that prayer is my part of the work of war.  Prayer is pushing my toes to the edge of the Jordan so that You can roll back its waters.  Prayer is marching around Jericho so that You can crumble the walls.  Prayer is pointing my sword toward Ai until the city is a smoldering heap of ruins.  Prayer is executing on earth the victories that have already been won in Your heart.  It’s my part of this big and beautiful dance.  Thank You.

  1. Gail says:

    Oh, Bo my firend,
    with alll you are going through you continue to touch others.. you are one Special lady .. Have been praying for you and your family off and on all day.. so take that you, who wants to try and destroy!!

  2. jane williams says:

    Yes, Bo, I’m convinced that when we all finally, really and truly ‘GET’ that He who is the almighty, victorious, war-crushing, Power-ladened Rock of Ages, is but waiting for our mustard-seeded prayers,.. then we will all be on our knees until He comes again, rising with healing on His wings. Thank you for sharing life from the inside out. (And you have my prayers.)

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