Where have you been all my Life?

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy Monday and Happy New Year and Happy Back-to-Work-and-School Day and Happy Third Day to Accomplish those New Year’s Resolutions.  Wow, we’ve got a lot to do today!

This may seem like a silly post, but I ran into a couple of things this weekend that I fell in love with and I had to tell somebody.  That’s you.  Thank you…you have saved my husband a very long conversation at the dinner table tonight.

The first thing is something I’ve been looking and longing for.  I’ve searched high and low.  Tried a lot of imposters.  Experienced a lot of disappointment.  Because in the land of Bible study, few things are more important than a good highlighter, yes?  My problems in this area have been numerous.

  1. They bleed through the page.  Ew.
  2. They barely show up which is worse than bleeding through the page.
  3. They fade over time and then you never know what you liked when you read the 23rd Psalm on November 14, 2002 (yes, I date every chapter as I read it – that way, I can cross reference it in my journals – it’s a tiny bit Type A of me, but it’s the only Type A section of my brain so allow me this one )
  4. They’re very permanent, so every Bible I own from the years 1987-2005 has a page or two that is highlighted with wild scribbles, courtesy of one of my kids.  On second thought, though, those are my favorite pages (better than a picture on the fridge!) and so I’m glad I couldn’t erase them.  What I did instead was sign and date them for my kids so when I look back, I remember my cute babies and how they upset the apple cart of life in all the best ways.  Okay, I digress.

All that to say (finally!) I found the coolest highlighters. They address all these issues and work like a dream and if you are a highlighter by nature, you have to try them.

They are Office Max Erasable Highlighters and they really, really are!  Erasable, that is.  They have great color on the page and minimal bleed-through on the other side.  When you change your mind about something you highlighted, they erase easily and completely. Best of all,  they’re only about 3 bucks for a set of 5.  Brilliant!

While we’re talking about Bible study, I know I showed you my new CS Lewis Bible, which I really like.  However, I recently ran into this beautiful guy and I had to tell you about him.  It’s the brand new Holman Christian Standard Study Bible and it is delightful!

I used the not-very-well-known Holman translation last year when I chose the Apologetics Study Bible for 2010 and I really love it.  It’s very readable and very accurate.  This study Bible is filled with notes, maps, charts, word studies and gobs of other cool resources.

And, best of all, I think it’s the most beautiful Bible I’ve ever seen:

It’s called “Stormcloud Gray” and it makes me want to swoon.  Absolutely swoon.

Not gonna lie, it’s not cheap, but it’s currently on sale online here and here and I think it’s an investment worth making if you’re in the market for a new study Bible.

Okay, that’s it for random recommendations Monday.  Hope your new year is off to a galloping good start!


  1. Lorelei says:

    I’m using the Holman this year, too! But in Kindle form:) this is the year that I’m going paperless. I was never as proficient with a highlighter as Tara Jean, so I figured I’d concede to highlighting/organizing/noting/studying on youversion.com, which is a website sent from Jesus directly to me… at least I’m pretty sure it is:) Thanks for the great post again, Bo!

  2. Heather Hiatt Sutter says:

    Thanks for all the great info! i’m trying to decide what version of the Bible to use this year, so ’til i do, i’m reading along again in the Message.

    If i don’t hurry up and choose a new one, soon i’ll come to the page my Tessa scribbled on with an orange marker one particular day at our Mom’s Bible Study group. The section is accompanied by the date of her discovery – perhaps it will be the One i hand down to her one day. =)

    And very cool to know about those highlighters. i think i will give ’em a try. This New year-New Bible-New highlighter season is my back-to-school season, seeing as i passed the back-to-school season with just as much validity as the High-and-Hairsprayed Bangs season: “Coulda gone higher, but it was time to stop.” =)

  3. Gail says:

    Bo, I just love that you get so excited about some very simple things that life has to offer and then you have such a gift that it makes me all excited for you.. and I may have to go purchase some of the items.. you gave me inspiration with your More or Less blog too.. thanks for being so enthusatic…

  4. Shandra says:

    I LOVE, LOVE the little highlighter bundle! Adding it to my nightstand. (oh~love the Bibles too. 🙂

  5. Victoria says:

    I am loving the here comes Santa bible(sandi and I refuse to call it anything else)! I’m totally going to get the highlighter because dry highlighters are like grown up crayons that had all the joy and life sucked out of them. Also, dating highlights is the greatest idea and those pens you gave me in my stocking write like gell pens but don’t bleed through the pages one bit! I’m two days into reading this bible and the introduction was right; this is a text based study bible and all the notes successfully serve the purpose of illuminating the amazing truth and historical circumstance of said text. This is the perfect, if huge, bible–it’s coolest trick, all direct quotes from the ot in the nt are in bold. 😀

  6. bolovesjoe says:

    Tori, you are the only girl I know who reads the introduction to her Bible…it’s part of your charm. 🙂

    Heather – your hair quote is brilliant. BRILLIANT! And honestly, gravity-defying bangs are one of a very few embarrassments of the 90’s. The style mishaps of the 70’s could be a blog of its own.

  7. Karen says:

    Ah Bo. I must tell you I have a personal dislike of Office Max based on valid research…but I went there last night (and had terrible customer service) just to buy the highlighters as an Epiphany gift for my co-workers. Yes, I have patient co-workers who are hopefully just slightly bemused by my strange gifts. Epiphany! Seems like a highlighter kind of day. Oh, and you’re becoming some sort of a legend in our office since I talk about you all the time!
    Happy Tres Reyes!

  8. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh, Karen, I shall henceforth commence giving highlighters as gifts! Brilliant!!

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