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Posted: December 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today, I worked nearly all day on a message on the inerrancy of the Word of God.  My office was quiet, the snow was piled up outside my window,  the subject matter – for me – was riveting.  So riveting, in fact, that I forgot to eat.  Seriously, I never moved, never left the office until 4:30 when I drove home with facts and statistics and sermon notes dancing in my head.

This may seem like a tortuously boring day to you and I would totally understand.  But for me?  It’s exactly what I love.  It’s spot on and – though it took awhile to find it – I know it’s exactly what He’s called me to for this season of life.

My boss sent me this blog post by the very compelling Seth Godin (read his stuff if you haven’t) and it’s fantastic.  I mostly loved it, I think, because of all the things that are not certain in my life, the one thing that is certain is:  I love what I do. And I think life is too short for everyone to not love what they do.

It’s only a couple of sentences, but it’s a GREAT blog post  and it could change your life.  Check it out here and then, if you don’t mind – would you be kind enough to answer this question in the comments: What are you working on and do you love it?  Loathe it?  Tolerate it because it pays the bills? What would you like doing instead?   What say you to the question of loving your work?

And here’s my question to you:  what if 2011 was the year of finding your heart’s true work?  Wouldn’t that just be something?

Believing with you,


  1. Dani Ferrara says:

    Bo, thanks for the post, it’s always good to keep remembering why I do what I do. I am working on starting my own business called DaniBoBani Desings that does custom designed shoes (and other products). It’s barely started and barely making anything yet, but I am having such a fun time figuring it all out and making my business what I want it to be! I am so passionate about design and can’t wait to see where this takes me!

    You can check it out at and on the facebook page at


  2. Susie Kay says:

    Yes! I am a nurse by profession and by calling. I knew from age 2 that I wanted to be a nurse. I am now retired – officially I have let my license go. However, I know that I will always be a nurse. Also, loving those whom He loves is very exciting. I love being the me that He is in.

  3. Teresa says:

    Mother of 11 and each day is new. We have adopted six special needs children and love them!!!

  4. Annie says:

    I wish I could say that I love my work, but I don’t. I wish I could say that I’m challenged in what I do, but I can’t. And while I’m incredibly thankful for a job right now, I struggle with this all the time.
    What I want is to be able to use my creativity in my work, but to do this would take a giant leap of faith. I do, however believe that life is not worth living wasting your time and energy in a job that you don’t love. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle sometimes. 😉
    If 2011 proved to be my year of change…well, I would embrace that fully.

  5. gail says:

    I am a retired lunch lady.. I believe God has always wanted me to serve others,, and now I serve babies, children and lots of adults as they walk the halls in Truthtown.. I am still serving but now Him.. I love being a part of all that goes on in many lives of our church families.. And I love being a part of our church family.. And I LOVE what I do…

  6. Karen says:

    Most of the time I don’t act like I love what I do, and I think I waste a lot of precious time and energy on things I dislike or that don’t really matter (eek, is Facebook one of those?) but I am so grateful to be able to mostly do what I love. Thanks for making me stop and think. Merry Christmas Bo, and may the nutmeg never grace your kitchen shelf!

  7. Jenn Hoff says:

    I am working on getting my Masters in teaching. And.I.LOVE.It!!! With all of my heart I love what I do, but it must be said that I never would have discovered this love of my life if I had not been willing to do what I disliked most.

    I once said, “God, I’ll do whatever you give me to do, even if it sucks. And I’ll find a way to like it.” So he took me up on it and gave me the job I just knew would suck the most (Kindergarten EA), and I did my part and found a way to like it. I can’t even believe I can write that now, because I love that job and those short magical creatures so much it hurts. How could I possibly NOT know this about myself? But I didn’t, and I’m so deeply relieved and thankful that He did.

    What say I to the question of loving your job? I say, Please do! Please love your job, even if it’s the job that sucks the most. Every job has people in it (unless perhaps your a lighthouse keeper in the remote North, or some such thing), and those people ARE lovely. They deserve you. Find something there to love. It changes you.

  8. Ken says:

    On one hand is a part-time Job that I love and am called to. On the other hand is a job I despise. It is a constant struggle everyday just to go to work, and the job itself at times is a war against all that I hold to be true. However, it pays our bills, and allows us enough income that my wife does not work so she can homeschool our children. I sacrifice daily toiling at the gates of hell so that our children have Mom at home. The trick for me is to not have too much of my job overflow into my life outside of the office, thus poisoning the very thing I am working for.

  9. helenw13 says:

    Oh Bo…I will come back after I have read the blog post and have more time to comment…your questions are the stuff of what the last 12 weeks of my training for biblical leadership class has been wrestling with…very penetrating stuff…I will be back but probably not before Christmas…so Blessed Christmas to you and yours! Looking forward to blogging right alongside you in 2011.

  10. tara jean says:

    My Job has gotten so much better-such an answer to prayer, but I don’t love it. There are days that I like it, which I NEVER thought I would say. But mostly I don’t know what the next step is and feel a little stuck because of health insurance. I am excited and open for change, just need a direction to go-new job with health insurance or masters program-something.
    I feel God is releasing me from my job and just looking for the door window. I don’t want to waste my life.

  11. Faith says:

    Aunt Bo! This is so encouraging and timely for me to read! I actually JUST made a huge leap from the corporate world (which has been my home for the last 5+ years) – into the career that I’ve been debating on diving into for about 6 years. I left the security (and boredom) of being a Project Coordinator for US Bank and am now full-time in health/fitness! I got a job at a small personal training only gym in St. Louis ( – my profile will be up in the next week). This is very exciting and very challenging all at the same time — I’m really in a place where I’m having to trust God with bringing the right people through the doors.
    I’m encouraged through it all though, I’ve already had some incredibly impactful conversations with people during my training sessions about real life, real issues, and everything in-between. I’m really excited to see what God has in store for 2011. It’s the first year that I’m actually EXCITED about my job/career going into the new year!

  12. Tim says:

    What are you working on and do you love it? Loathe it? Tolerate it because it pays the bills? What would you like doing instead? What say you to the question of loving your work?
    And here’s my question to you: what if 2011 was the year of finding your heart’s true work? Wouldn’t that just be something?

    1) I work at my current job for the past 8 years and it just seems like yesterday that I started. I love it….

    2) I look at my job as one of the many ways that God provides for my family. I am thankful, especially these days that I have this job and I give Him the praise and glory for it.

    3) I am so satified with my job that at this moment I am not really wanting to do much else. BUT, I would change in a moments notice if the Lord directed me to.

    4) My only thing abou the last question, and maybe because I have been in the work place for so long, is that I believe God gives us gifts and talents that are to be used for what ever job He deems we need at the time. So to search for something that is my hearts desire? Is only to assume that where I am is not God’s desire when it could be just that. This is where God has put me for now, I need to be satified in all situations, knowing that God will direct my steps each day.

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