Oh, the Places We Went!

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh goodness.  I love vacation.  And I especially love vacationing in a sunny spot when it looks like this at home:

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I love Bend and I even love the white stuff.  But on this particular day, I was ready to leave it behind and escape to the happy land of Florida with my family.

So was Corey.  This is him, dancing in the airport when our hopes were still high that we would actually see Florida that day.  This dancing, incidentally, was the first of many, many spontaneous dancing outbursts.  Dancing badly is apparently how my family handles both happiness and stress.

In spite of a four hour delay, we did eventually make it.

To Salt Lake City.

A tropical paradise if ever there was one.


This is us in the airport, trying to find a cheap hotel.  After this was taken, we went to find cheap food and then to Walmart to buy cheap clothes because our luggage decided to skip the Salt Lake City leg of the adventure.


While I am happy to say we all maintained our cheerful disposition, this was a long and frustrating night.

It reminds me of a quote I heard once and loved:

“When we get to heaven, all that it contains will make our best day on earth look like a long night in a cheap motel.”

Amen.  And now I have a new point of reference for that quote.

So, onward we flew, and we did eventually make it to the magical world of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure.

Now, that picture looks a lot warmer than it actually was.  Turns out, we went to Orlando during a freakish cold snap. The good news is this:

  1. We are hardy mountain people and we can take it and we even enjoy telling people we can take it.  Although, I have to honestly admit that 35 degrees is cold no matter where you happen to be standing on the map.
  2. The lines were very short – often non-existent in the theme parks.  My family excels in many things:  clever banter, foosball, movie quotes and spontaneous dancing.  We do not, however, excel in patience, so we will trade 20 degrees for a short wait just about any day of the week.

And hey – look who I found in Orlando!  I thought he was cute, so I took him home.

Notice the coffee cups?  At this point, I was considering pouring it over my head in hopes of raising my core temperature.  Even if it hadn’t been cold, though, this still would have happened:

Because we have a coffee problem.

Okay, here is one of the best moments of my whole trip:

You should know I have an unhealthy love of Dr. Seuss.  My husband knows about it and understands and would rather I save my obsession for guys who are no longer with us, so it’s all good.  But – Dr. Seuss and his love of words and the way he dreamed things into being with the stroke of his pen…oh dear, I just love him.  And my favorite of all the works of Seuss is How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  So imagine my delight upon entering:  Grinchmas.

It was magical.

There were Who’s there.

They were darling and hilarious and this one decorated my girls like a Christmas tree.  Another charming Who was quite taken with the young men in our group and was quite persistent in expressing her admiration (it was seriously awesome – these actors work hard to get a laugh).  As we walked away, Corey declared that he was tired of all this Whorassment.  Heh.

Look!  Joe found a friend!  I wanted to take the big Joe home too, but Steve (and the authorities) said no.

Tori loved the Red Fish.  I rode in the Blue Fish.  My life is now complete.

We did lots more things, and I’ll show you a bit more this week, but I have to say that Seussworld was a great start to an awesome adventure.

In a year when we have met more doctors than we ever hoped to meet, I wish more of them could say cool things like this:

I believe, Dr. Seuss.  I believe.

  1. Lisa Quinn says:

    I just love following your blog,and am so glad that you got to cross Seussland off the bucket list !! I really quite seriously LOVE reading your blogs…Im not a big reader ,so the best books in the world are unknown to me,but I can commit to a blog and a good magazine article. Thank you so much for your sweet card- I continue to pray for Steve and you rfamily and I will believe in “the best christmas for all” right along with you .
    Peace and JOY
    Lisa (at Oregon Clinic )

  2. Dianna says:

    love your humor, the memories you made, and the fact that you are home again….sweet times. ( I kinda got a thing for Dr. Seuss too)

  3. Good to see you are having a break from everything. The Lord is so good! He cares about even the smallest of our needs, and I am always amazed at the big gifts He has to give us!
    Love the stories! Praying that you have an all around refreshing time. Many prayers going up before the throne for you all!
    Love, Deanna

  4. Pam says:

    how is it that A.) you have an unhealthy love for all things Seuss and B.) I have a very healthy aversion to the same Seuss and C.) we’ve never discussed this? I’m sure God knew we were way too young and inexperienced in life back in the early years to know how to handle such idealogical differences but now that we’re all grown up, all i have to say is….NOOOO!!!! HE SCARES ME AND HE’S CREEPY AND MAKE HIM GO AWAY, MOMMY!!!

  5. Jenn Hoff says:

    I LOVE your vacation. Seuss-world? Wow.

  6. So good to see you all enjoying yourselves! My kids would probably love Suessworld. I’ve never been…have to try it out sometime.

  7. Realized all the “info” in my first reply is wrong, so I updated it, just in case you see that.

    P.S. Still praying for Steve…is he feeling any better or making improvement?

  8. Kim says:

    Love this! My 2yr old daughter, Sadye is a huge fan of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. She watched it daily for over a year imitating his moves & sounds. Very funny! She now refers to it as Mr. Grinch. Kind of an odd movie for a 2yr old, but I love it. I wish we could taker her to Grinchmas!

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