When Getting There Takes Time

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, yes, we went to Florida.  And, yes, we also came back.  But neither trip was as smooth or easy as we had anticipated a week ago when we were still young and naive and filled with hope about the nature of cross-country air travel.  Bad news?  We missed out on a full day of Florida time.  Good news?  The journey provided sermon illustrations for years to come.

Here’s Josiah, blissfully lugging his suitcase through the very large snowfall, heading off for the sun-drenched eastern beaches of Florida:

Waking up to 6 inches of new snow made us all very antsy to ditch dodge and find us some sun.  The problem?  Salt Lake City.  I’ve never had any specific feelings about Salt Lake City one way or another, but I’ve come to feel ill-will toward them now because it was their freezing fog that kept us stuck in Bend for four hours which kept us stuck in SLC overnight which kept us out of sunny Florida for 24 hours of our vacation.  Sigh.

I’m blessed to say that I was stuck with the 6 people who proved to be all that I have known them to be:  fun, fearless and friendly in the face of disappointment and GREAT frustration.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about our vacation, but for now here’s a  picture to prove that, yes, we actually DID make it to the land of sun and theme parks.  This is in front of the giant and lovely christmas tree at Seaworld.

  1. Pam says:

    love love love this picture!

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