Christmas Resolutions 2010

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

I like Christmas resolutions because they’re more bite-sized and (therefore less daunting) than the yearlong variety.  The way I see it,  I can do anything for 21 days and if 21 days makes a habit, then this could be a great month!  So, between now and Christmas I resolve  to:

    1. Go easy on the fudge and fruitcake.  Actually, the fruitcake is not an issue.  My friend, Sonja’s fudge, however, is trouble.  Big, big trouble.
    2. Go easy on myself.   Seriously, I am not going to stress about every single stripe on the candy cane, and every light on the tree.  I am going to enjoy this season and my family and believe that my commitment to live in peace will honor the the One who invented Christmas more than perfectly frosted cookies.
    3. Love the people who mean the most to me.
    4. Love the people who mean the least to the world.  Stocking up now on McDonald’s gift cards and sincere smiles.
    5. Read Jingle Bells, Batman Smells and P.S. so does May with Josiah.  It’s a Christmas tradition.
    6. Have a meaningful conversation with each of my neighbors.
    7. Find a fantastic new calendar to ring in the New Year.
    8. Purchase no gifts just for the sake of checking it off the list.  If I can’t find a gift with meaning, I will write a note with meaning instead.  No  more throwing money at useless trinkets when there’s so much life to be found in real words.
    9. Absorb the moments I normally throw away like the sound of my son’s laugh when he watches The Grinch and my husband’s smile when he hands me my gift still wrapped in the Macy’s bag…just so many things worth taking in and wrapping up and keeping warm in my heart.
    10. Go on vacation!  Yay!  Tomorrow, my family leaves for sunny Florida for a few days and we are so excited.  Oh, don’t you worry, though, there’s no getting rid of us…we’re taking a camera and are planning to video blog our vacation as we go.  Check back often to see how it’s goin!

      So that’s my list and I like it.  I think that if I stick to this list, my holidays will be merry, bright and – most of all – peaceful.  What’s on your list this year?

      Making Room for Mistletoeing,


      1. Nita Belles says:

        LOVE this Bo! Especially the Micky-D’s gift certs for the ones who need a meal and not giving meaningless gifts.

        My pledge. To give fun gifts. I have just purchased remote whoopie cushions (7.95 inc. shipping) and little gadgets that BUZZZZ someone in the hand when you shake hands (2.00) with them for my dear 8 and 9 year old grandsons. (Oh, their folks will be sooo excited!)

        And LOVE the snowflakes on the page. HOW did you do that?!

        Hope you and your family have the BEST and most FUN vacation EVER in Florida…
        Love to the Sterns!

      2. Katie Scott says:

        I love number 8…with all my heart. 🙂

      3. Gail says:

        Enjoy a much needed time away and cherish those memories.. doing vacation with Family is the Best.. I love number 8.. love you much..

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