Thankfully Thanking Thanksgiving

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays, though I’m really not much of a holiday snob.  If it has good food and time off, I’m in.   But  I do love the meaning and tradition of Thanksgiving and most of all I think I love how it comes first in the lineup of the holiday trifecta of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year.  Seriously, they’re all so close together and then it’s all minor league celebrations after that.

Anyway, Tess documented a few of our Thanksgiving moments and here they are, in no particular order and also with no particular significance:

I think I’ve mentioned a time or seven how important it is to me that my son learns to cook.  Well, this year he made the Bourbon Pecan Pear Stuffing (dressing) nearly by himself.  Please do not alert the authorities; I poured the bourbon.  But he did everything else and it was seriously the best stuffing (dressing!) we’ve ever had.  This stuffing (dressing)-making skill may not get him on the high school football team, but I’m certain it will impress some girl’s family some day.

Know who else killed it in the kitchen this year?  This girl!  She made a caramel pecan pie, transported it over snowy mountain roads all the way to my house and we nearly cried when we tasted that wonderful dessert I tell you.  Doesn’t she look so cute and proud of her pie?  That’s exactly my face about her.

Speaking of tears…this is the resulting mess from the Rugelach making expedition.  Rugelach are simply the best cookies in the universe, and Tess does an awesome job making them…but her last statement upon cleaning up this mess and taking the last batch from the oven was, “I remember why we only make them once a year.”  Yes and amen, wise red-headed girl.  Yes and amen.

Yes, it’s true.  That’s a turkey balloon.  And it still resides near our ceiling where it will undoubtedly linger til someone stabs it with a scissors, sometime around St. Patrick’s Day.

Black Friday found us coffee’d up and ready to roll at the crack of 9:30.  Black Friday, I have decided, is not named for the day that retailers finally make it into the black financially, but rather for the color of the souls of those in the parking lots and aisles.  Our experience involved 2 stores, 0 available shopping carts, 1,296 invitations to open a Kohl’s account and one blissfully long and relaxing lunch at Johnny Carino’s with my three favorite women in the world.

These two.

And that one.

Please note that this photo of Whit & I is a re-take.  The first one was evaluated and deemed unacceptable because – and I’m quoting a daughter here – “You look annoyed at the Kohl’s employees in this picture, mom.”

All in all, it was a truly beautiful holiday.

Counting down til Christmas,


  1. Dianna says:

    smiling…love you guys so much, even from a distance.

  2. Tracy says:

    Reading this makes me thankful for the Stern Family, and of course family in general but the Stern family makes me thankful. Blessings to you!

  3. Heather Hiatt Sutter says:

    Wow. Bo. I can hardly believe how grown up they are! They are truly so beautiful! And i DO believe i know where they get THAT from! YOU! You look just as young as they do! And beautiful! Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday! And, go Chef Josiah!

  4. Chris Earwicker says:

    I think I detect a bit of residual annoyance in those eyes of yours. 🙂 Lovely family, just the same.

  5. Jenn Hoff says:

    This makes my heart ache.
    The picture of That Girl with The Pie is superb.
    And you used the word trifecta again.
    I love you.

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