Random Wednesday Words & a Thank You to You

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
  • This week Josiah and I ran right into the renegade flu virus that has been rolling through our circle of friends and family recently. I guess it actually ran into us because there’s no way we would have chased this dumb sickness down.  It’s blecky.
  • The upside to the downtime is that I’ve been able to rest, write and do some thinking/planning work I’ve been putting off for awhile. Part of that  included looking for a new meal-planning system. I’ve used several different methods through the years, but I’ve recently gotten way too scattered in this area and we end up spending outrageous sums of money, time and energy at the grocery store. No bueno.  I  ran into this one that looks good and I’m going to give it a try. I really like that you can customize it in a lot of different ways and I love the way the grocery list is laid out.  I also appreciate that in the many recipes I looked at, nary a one required Cream of Anything soup as an ingredient.  If you download the iPad or iPhone app (free), you get a free month’s subscription.
  • In addition to meal planning, this morning I spent  three blissful hours in Psalm 16 & 17. I don’t even trust myself to write about what I found there. I’m afraid it would just end up a big mess of  nouns, verbs, tears and joy.
  • Thank you all so much for your love and encouragement during this interesting season.  It took some intense introspection and prayer before I decided to chronicle my journey through this mysterious land we’re walking right now.  I was afraid of saying the wrong thing or being too honest or not honest enough.  I was mostly concerned that my words would in any way dishonor the work that He is doing in us or would create fear rather than faith in those who read them.  At this point in the journey, I’m so glad that I decided to put some of my heart down on the page because I have experienced the miraculous, marvelous love of Jesus through the words that you have written back.  Thank you for sticking with us in all kinds of times and for praying and rallying your friends and families and churches to pray for my beloved.  Because he means the world to me, your prayers mean…well, everything.

Wonderful Wednesday,


  1. Tori's Mom says:

    Dear Bo,
    I am one of the hundreds of women you have never met whose lives you have touched so enormously. Thank you thank you for sharing yourself so transparently, for always pointing us back to our true north. Whenever I visit Westside Church (maybe twice a year) I search through the bin of CDs in the bookstore hoping to find some Bo Stern CDs, knowing I will be blessed to hear God’s heart and challenged to walk straight and tall in my true identity as a beloved daughter of the King. I feel honored to be one of the brave warriors surrounding you and Steve as you feast at His table.
    Tori’s Mom

  2. helenw13 says:

    Hi Bo,

    Sorry for the sick crud…no fun.

    Praying for the road you are on.

    Just reading your post today and it made me think of a couple posts that I read this week on Ann Voskamp’s blog…A Holy Experience…have you ever stumble onto her site?

    Anyway, it was a two part transcript of what she shared at a bloggers conference during the closing keynote address…

    There are two parts…one on Nov. 2 and one on Nov. 9. The content resonated with me deeply and I think it will you as well as one that shares verbally and in the written form.
    Our lives are messy but there is a sacred thing that occurs when we welcome people into the mess of it on our blogs…so if you are still a bit horizontal check it out…it’s lengthy but it is worth the time…there is also audio options as well.

    Here’s her address:




  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Tori’s mom – you made me cry real tears of humility and gratitude. Your willingness to fight has enabled us to rest and know that He is god. Thank you.

    Helen – emailing you. 🙂

  4. Ken says:

    Bo, again thank you for being open and honest. It is so encouraging to watch your awesome family lean into the Lord during this season. True faith is being modeled. I am praying that you soon don’t have to model this faith in the storm and instead get to model celebrating the absolute victory of coming through on the other side. Praying for healing, wisdom, strength, courage, and that you guys feel the arms of Love wrapped tightly around you.

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