Beautiful Things

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Let me just say this:  I hate to cry.  I’ve hated it ever since first grade when my teacher sent home a report card that said, “Bo could do well in school, but she tends to cry easily.”  Oh, how I hated that report card and in retrospect would like to say to that teacher, “Bo could have cried less had you softened your frowny tone a bit.” However, that’s not my point today.  Today, my point is that I am learning to stop apologizing for tears and, instead, start embracing their significance.

Tears give expression to joy and pain and sorrow and redemption.  They serve as a bridge from despair to hope.  They water the ground that grows dry and dusty in seasons when rain just won’t fall.

Especially when poured out at the feet of Jesus, tears are beautiful.

This song makes me cry in all the best ways.

Thank you to Danyel from Church on the Hill for sharing this song with me.  May you find that what you’ve sown in tears,  will be reaped with great, overflowing, unstoppable  joy.

May you see the promise of beautiful things,


  1. Danny Schulz says:

    I always liked it when you would cry while preaching. We have this new young preacher on our team that cries most of the time she speaks. Makes me think about you. Let em flow.

  2. Pam says:

    I once heard tears described as “liquid prayers”. I like that.

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