Posted: November 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

If God baked muffins (and maybe He does – I’m still building my theology on this issue which will be resolved right after I figure out if He cares who wins the Superbowl) these would most certainly be the ones He would serve to company: 

Behold:  A Panera Cranberry Orange muffin, shared with my sister on a rainy day in Portland.  Life is beautiful indeed.

  1. jenn hoff says:

    I adore you and your particular theology forming ways.

  2. ci says:

    Such wonderful and cozy memories of that tasty muffin! It needs to become a tradition.

  3. Randi says:

    I’m not sure how I came across your blogs, but I enjoy them.

    Is Cheryl Inman your sister?

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Yep, Randi,no matter what she may say to the contrary, Cheryl is definitely my sister. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

    Jenn…the adoration river rolls both ways. Also? I had the most interesting moment this weekend that involved you – or rather what I think were God’s thoughts of you. I’m sending you and email this very week!

    Cheryl – tradition, yes! I’m all for repeating that fun experience a lot of times!

  5. Randi says:


    Maybe it is because of Kelly Clark? I noticed you both go to the same church.

    Just thinking out loud…..

  6. julie Winklebleck says:

    You were right next door! I think I smelled that muffin! Isnt fall beautiful in the valley. Nice to know you were in our neck of the woods.
    Annette told me you were coming back next year to conference! I am sooooo excited!!

  7. Debby says:

    Thanks again for an incredible weekend with our ladies…you should have heard the God stories (testimonies) Sunday morning!! We wrapped up with awesome worship and communion with the God who LOVES us! At some point would love to share with you something else God did…not on a blog though 🙂 Again thanks, and know we are all praying for you and family!

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