Reasons Today Should Rock

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

In no particular order:

1. The sun came up. I’ll admit it seemed sketchy there for a bit as it always does this time of year, but I’m happy to report that a day without sun has once again been narrowly averted.

2. It’s Thursday. Which is my Friday. Which is delightful.

3. Steve is home from San Antonio! Also delightful.

4. I’m getting my hair did! This is a good news/bad news situation because I don’t at all enjoy the beautification process, but I do like the results. Sigh. It’s hard being a woman.

5. Tomorrow we leave for Portland for a weekend with our daughter and a day with the lovely ladies of Church on the Hill. I suspect that this trip will include what all perfect trips to the city should include: meatballs at Ikea. Bring it, baby!

I know that number five isn’t really about today, but the fun anticipation does impact today in a happy kind of way. Another thing that makes this day great-beyond-great? The absence of any trips to doctors or specialists or clinics of any kind. I’ve probably failed to appreciate this enough on the other 16,000 days of my life…but it’s definitely moved to the top of the list of things worth thanking Jesus for.

How ’bout you? What’s gonna make your day rock-worthy?


  1. Vangi says:

    Hi Bo! I just finished Thursday and am happy to report that YOU WERE RIGHT!!! Thursday did rock, and here is my rockin’ Thursday list:

    It was the day before I leave for the “Weekend Away With The Husband” weekend.
    School finished (my part anyway), food purchased, laundry sufficiently “caught up” enough to leave for aforementioned weekend.
    LBD found without too much fuss, also for aforementioned weekend.
    No (viewed) rats climbing up my kitchen window, gecko quickly hid behind washer and hasn’t been a bother since, and ant huddle on my wall holding up a piece of browned beef from tacos last night are really dead.
    Morning on my balcony for prayer and viewing of tropical, beautiful Brunei in all her glory.

    Enjoy your Thursday sweet friend,


  2. Jalet says:

    It is a wise woman (person) who CHOOSES to find the joy in the journey. In joy you find peace, in peace you know that God is your travelin’ buddy, in knowing God is travelin with you, who can be against you?

    May your meatballs be hot and your hair be ‘cool’. Good job Bo. -Jalet

  3. K Johnson says:

    You are amazing. Thank you for writing so diligently!! You are such an encouragement and blessing. 🙂

  4. Debby says:

    We ladies @ Church On The Hill are excited and anticipating a wonderful time with you on Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you and what God will do through you on Saturday! Debby

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