A Page from the Journal: October 31

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s a beautiful, beautiful morning, sparkling with sunshiney fall weather.  I have the door open just a crack to let in both the fresh air and the sound of the bluebird who is undoubtedly having coffee with her beloved and telling him what she plans to do with her day.  Maybe she’s also telling him what she plans to do with HIS day.

I hear the sounds of my city.  Cars going to and from places.  Busy people spending another day on a planet that feels so permanent, but really isn’t at all.  People worrying about bills and relationships and work and the elections on Tuesday.  Some are probably wondering if they matter at all or what that really even means.

It’s Your world, yes, but it’s also our world and so it contains the toxins of our temporary nature.  We are born grasping for anything that might hold our weight, blessed and cursed as we are with the instinctive awareness that earth’s floor is awfully flimsy.  Maybe we all secretly know that a good foothold is a a rare find  on a planet that lies beneath the sway and decay of sin.  I feel it too.  For the past few weeks I have been  – as Coldplay sings – drifting in a tidal wave.  I have come face-to-face with the fragility of life and the wispy, wafting vapor that marks our moments here.  However, I’ve also found stunning evidence that what I’ve suspected all along is really and truly true:  You are solid ground.  You are the firm foundation beneath my feet and the sturdy roof over my head.  You are walls of stone and steel.  In a city under siege, You build for me a safe and secure home and then You fill it with the warmth and peace of Your own presence.

You are the beauty in this morning, in this day, in this season and in this life.

You are.  Everything.

And so to Your Everythingness, I bring my thankfulness.  To Your omnipotence, I bring my weakness and my desire that You would be strong in me.  To Your omniscience, I bring my questions and my confidence that You will send answers in time.  To Your omnipresence, I bring my tendnecy to wander and my determination to always let myself be caught and held by You.
Behold:  He is everything.

  1. Eleanor says:

    So-o-o-o-o true, Bo. Love the way you can express thoughts. Mine don’t come out quite like that, but I can relate to everything you said. When we’re going through something ‘new’, it’s God’s way of seeing not only what we are ‘made of’, but how He can pour into us the reality of Who He really is. Just makes us lean more and more on His eternal wisdom, strength, love, goodness, and oh, so much more. Remember that old song, “Learning to Lean, learning to lean, I’m learning to lean on Jesus. Gaining new power to run in this race, I’m learning to lean on Jesus.”
    Love you much!

  2. ci says:


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