Bo Loves Joe

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve recently received some questions from curious folks about my login name here on WordPress, “bolovesjoe”.  It doesn’t seem like a very appropriate nickname for Steve, does it?  It’s actually my son, Josiah, who I almost always call Joe even though he never calls himself that.  When the day came to change my email address, I tried every reasonable variation on bo stern with no luck.  Since Joe was standing beside me at the time, he strongly encouraged me to incorporate his name as well.  The rest is history.

I didn’t know that it would show up as my name on my comment responses and I’m certain there’s an easy way to change it, but the thing is:  I  like it.  Josiah Stern is strong and kind and funny and happy-almost-all-the-time and a fast runner and a fun guy to cook with and great at video games and building forts and throwing a baseball and about a million other things. He also the subject of one of my favorite posts I’ve ever scribbled out on this little blog.   So really, when you know a guy like that, why not tell the world that you absolutely do love him?

Behold:  My only begotten son.  I really, really love him.

  1. Nancy Ludeman says:

    This makes me smile …. 🙂

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