Behold, again

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

On the first day of this year, I found this quote in a commentary on Ecclesiastes and it was simply love at first sight:

“A man must render an account before God for all the good things he beheld, but didn’t enjoy.” – Jerusalem Talmud


When I posted it, I also said that this year I was committed to really beholding and enjoying the good gifts of God in my life.  I purposed that I would intentionally behold something every day.  And I actually have.  I haven’t posted every day, but I have stopped and looked and absorbed the beauty of something every day.  Not only has it been a good exercise in gratitude, I think that in some of my recent dark days, it has made the difference between hope and despair.

I’ve written plenty recently about the struggles we are facing in my family.  I’d like to take a few days and return to the beauty of beholding His good gifts.  Because His good gifts do exist all around us and they deserve at least as much attention as the stuff that isn’t as pretty to look at.

For a long, lovely moment today I got lost inside the beauty of white snowflakes set against the fiery orange leaves of fall.  Seasons are beautiful to me and that small moment gave me hope that one can be beginning as another one is ending…but both are just brilliantly beautiful. I so want to be someone who lives every day fully and looks with eager anticipation to whatever is around the next turn.  I’m realizing that every change brings new opportunities to discover something more about the heart of the One who created life and love and the color orange.

Behold: The God who sets the seasons in motion.  He is unimaginably good.

  1. Susie Kay says:

    I believe that we need dark days to really appreciate the brilliance of our Lord and what He really gives us.
    I remember one of my dark days – I was newly moved to the rehab unit at the end of a 2 month stay in the hospital. Most anything new in those days was traumatic – and now I was confronted with having to get up out of bed with great pain. Ok, I chose to do that – or I wouldn’t have been in rehab – they want a commitment, but it wasn’t easy or attractive or pleasant. I was afraid I would fail.
    Then, I think it was the second day there, I looked out of the window on to a small courtyard – seeking a sign from the Lord to encourage me. Suddenly, a very large bird flew in and balanced on a branch – a falcon. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I remembered Isaiah – the wings of eagles. No, it wasn’t an eagle, but it was close enough for me to get the message. Then a very large squirrel came bounding up the branch and over to the falcon – kind of confronting him. The falcon stayed for a moment longer and then flew to another branch.
    I was thrilled to be seeing this – and I began to feel the message to me was – no matter how big the storm or the challenge, I have power – His power. I was reminded that instead of telling God how big my storm was, I could tell the storm how big my God is.
    It was a turn around for me – I progressed – goal by goal. I was in rehab 2 1/2 weeks – and finally home. I look back on those days as being pivotal in my recover which has led to my transformation. Thank you, Bo, for being who you are.

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