Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

That’s my age in days. It doesn’t feel liked I’ve plowed through almost sixteen and a half thousand days, but the Day of Your Life Calculator does not lie.

On this, Day #16,462 – at about hour #9, I made a decision and I thought it would be wise to share it with you so you can remind me when I forget. Because let’s just face it: in spite of all my best intentions, I will forget. Part of that is because of the number of days I’ve got under my belt (my memory is bad), and part of it is because I’m made of flesh and blood and dust and am therefore prone to abandoning decisions even when keeping them would be a much better idea.

My decision, then, is this: God knows the number of my days and He knows what each day holds. He has plans, not just for my whole life, but for each day of my life. Those plans take on a lot of different flavors and shapes, but they share one common purpose: to bring me closer than ever to His heart, His character and His appearance.

Closer than ever.

This means that all, all, ALL His plans for me are good. 100%, utterly, awesomely, undeniably GOOD. They may not feel good in the moment, but He is producing in me something that goes way beyond feelings and moves into the beautiful mystery known as an “eternal weight of glory”. Do I know what that means exactly? Nope. Not exactly. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve experienced just a tiny bit of the weight of His glory in this small, fallen and foggy world and it is…breathtaking. Intoxicating. It is beautiful multiplied by beautiful. And it leaves me with a healthy fear of choosing temporary comfort over eternal anything.

I’ll be honest: it’s not an easy season for me to do this. This is a season that screams at me to panic and run from His purpose. It pushes me toward the suspicion that maybe my plans are better constructed for the moment than His eternal, weighty ones. However, I am old enough to know that’s never true.

And so on day 16,462, I decided that I would live with day 16,356,203,209,011 in mind. I determined to get really good at setting my mind on the invisible-but-heavy gifts of God and trust Him to get my heart safely through each day in the process.

That’s my decision.

Remind me,


  1. Judy Hinds says:

    Oh Bo – I only know you through your sister Cheryl, who I love dearly – but I love your heart as you have expessed it in your writings. May God be glorified through you forever! And may you feel the strength of His love and comfort and calm in these unsettling days. -Love, Judy

  2. ci says:

    We will spur one another on to remember the truth of all He is, dear sisto! I am so thankful to see how His voice is drowning out the voices of panic within you. I’m looking forward to celebrating some additional numbers of days with you this weekend. 🙂

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