A million ways random

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

This post has no goal…no vision…no target or destination.  It’s just a post to get my fingers moving and my brain thinking and my heart talking again.  It’s a “punching through” post;  the kind that you hope will bust through writer’s block and overload and every other silly obstacle that keeps someone who loves blogging from actually doing it.  Sigh.  Weird.

Since I love lists, I thought maybe a list would be a good way to re-enter:

1)  My birthday is coming up.

2)  It will be my 45th.

3)  I have been trying to fashion a good, solid birthday list since everyone knows that any birthday year that ends in a ‘5’ is a milestone of sorts.

4)  It’s kind of scary that I’m only 5 years from having a birthday that starts with a 5.

5)  I’m beginning to fear the number 5.

6)  So my list so far includes:  cooking gadgets – though I don’t have room in my drawers or cupboards for any more; old books – though I don’t have time to read them right now; grandchildren – though I’m clearly still way too young to have them and an ipad, though I’m morally opposed to expensive technology.  Conflicted?  Yes.  I am a conflicted old lady.

7)  I like the number 7 and have decided that I will like the year 47 and 57 and 67 and all of my 70’s very much indeed.

8)  My husband comes home on Saturday and this is really birthday present enough.  Sometimes, he’s gone for a week and it doesn’t feel like a week.  This time, it’s felt like a year or so.  A year beginning AND ending with a 5.  Argh.

9)  I am trying to learn to do everything I do for Jesus and not worry so much what the rest of the world will think.  This is challenging in ways I’m only now discovering.  Expect many upcoming blog posts to be variations on this theme.

10)  Want your children and spouse and neighbors to rise up and call you blessed?  Make ’em these biscuits.  Don’t change anything no matter what you feel in your heart is right about heavy whipping cream.  They’re brilliant!

Okay.  Ten makes a list, right?  And now I’ve busted through the block and am back on the open bloggin road.

Good to be back,


  1. Victoria says:

    Wow, this post is a little Junie B. mixed with a little Cornelia mixed with maybe even a little C.S. Lewis. So many little moments in the post, I like it.:)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Bo….it’s been a long time but I was wondering how you are….and it looks like things are good at Casa La Stern….

    Love your blog posts…always so creative and real.

    So I have graduated and am on the loose….i.e. looking for a job in the USA for now. if I don’t get one within a year I will be heading back to the UK.

    Good to connect from time to time….God is GOOD, that’s for sure!

  3. 45? not a day over 30 if you ask me…..I’m learning to do everything I do for Jesus too and the challenges are countless but the rewards of obedience are endless.

  4. Meg says:

    My birthday list is an ipad, I could add more to the birthday wishlist, but it would almost duplicate yours, and that’s just silly to have two really similar birthday lists, within a week, within the same family…

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