Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Things I’m finding that kill dreams:

  • Looking back on failure: Ugh.  Repentance is freedom.  Regret is suffocating.
  • Looking back on success: When I relive old victories, I limit God to what He has done and miss what He’s still longing to do.
  • Judgment: Nothing kills dream cells quite as quickly as pinning on the rule-enforcer badge.
  • Satisfaction: Not to be confused with ‘contentment’.  When I settle into status quo, I have to start protecting what I have, and that kind of life is a killer.  I once read a quote by someone who was somebody that went  something like, “What you really need to make a dream come true is a good plan and not quite enough time.”  Whenever I sink into “plenty of time” mode, my dreams fade to gray.
  • Anger: Anger/bitterness/resentment keeps me handcuffed to the here-and-now and out of the land where dreams live.
  • Good dreams...that swallow up the GREAT dreams…small ones that snuff out big ones….temporary dreams that hogtie the eternal ones.

Still dreaming of dreaming,


  1. Portland College Daughter says:

    Totally and completely what I needed to hear. Thanks for listening, learning, and typing, Mom….and for talking, listening, guiding, and praying. Those are pretty wonderful too.:)

    Love you!
    Portland College Daughter

  2. Lila Pearson says:

    So good! Thanks Bo!


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