Posted: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Q.  What does a boy get who loses four awesome jackets in four months?

A.  A sweatshirt from Walmart and an invoice for $5.  That’s not a discounted mom-rate.  It actually cost $5.

Now, I don’t really have anything against Walmart except that it’s not conveniently located to my home.   While I hold no ill will towards the Big W, I typically avoid their clothing unless I am feeling REALLY cheap.  Josiah lost two jackets from Gap and two from Macy’s.  One, by the way, was an Epic Threads which is my favorite young guy’s brand of clothes and I had waited and waited for it to go on sale and finally it did and I felt like such a winner and then…he lost it.  But I’m not bitter. Or crying excessively.

This thing is that my son really likes nice clothes and cares about style and so we decided the best way to inspire him to take better care of his stuff would be to make him pay for a new jacket.  Since he’s 10 and has no job (read: financial dead weight), his budget can only afford the clearance rack at The Walmarts.  That’ll teach him, said we.

The problem with this learn-your-lesson jacket?  He loves it.  And gets a million compliments when he wears it.  Apparently, the blue matches his eyes.


One of us definitely learned a lesson here.

Still in a lot of love with my sharp-dressed man,


  1. Gail Gumpert says:

    You make me laugh… I remember those days..

  2. Jenn Hoff says:

    Oh goodness. We no longer purchase jackets, sweatshirts or any other thing that can be removed from his body for Jordan. (Yeah, his clothes are painted on.) Santa doesn’t buy them for him either, and Grandma receives “the look” if she tries.

    Fortunately though, the boy still has a relatively good relationship with the tooth fairy, because he keeps losing mouthfuls of giant teeth, and she owes him a few solids because she is always late picking them up. So it has worked out that the one sweatshirt he owns is a very thick, brown Costco number purchased with his own blood…err…tooth money. This sweatshirt has been lost 10 times now, and found 11. as of today, at least.

  3. Aïda says:

    Too cute!

    whatever graphics you come up with…I wonder, “How does she do it? This is perfect! Where and how does get these!”

    Again, I tell you, YOU ARE THE BEST! 🙂

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