Posted: June 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

In my job, I get to know, love and lead people way younger than me.

These are men and women with grit.

And with grace.

They are those who are determined to live in a way that flies in the face of their culture.

Even when it costs them, and it does.

It costs them time:  over 300 hours in the Word and prayer and worship in the wee morning hours.

It costs them 500 hours in classes, some of them not even as exciting as my Church History class which details the gruesome death of Arius and the post-mortem punishment of Pope Formosus. Can you imagine – less exciting than that?

They serve in countless church services.

Running cameras and lights

Loving babies

Leading worship

Taking their place among the growing army of mosaic malcontents

Who stand apart

And stand alone,  and help bring heaven to earth.

They are heroes in their generation.

And I am beyond blessed to stand with them.

I love you, Cascade Life Commission.

Go change your world,

Pastor/Mama Bo

  1. Gail Gumpert says:

    Yes.. these are some awesome young ladies and gentlemen.. I am honored to have served alongside many of them.. They have Blessed me more than I can say… God is doing a Great work in all of them.. Thankful for you and Jay for teaching them…

  2. Elyxis says:

    Bo! Way to make me cry in the middle of Barnes and Nobles! Thank you for all your kindness and wisdom this year… I love you SO much! 🙂

  3. Arlene says:


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