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The Fourth Cometh

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m getting ready for a big, fat Fourth of July celebration here this weekend with almost my whole family coming (Hi Joy, Taylor, Megan…I’m not bitter.)  Therefore, my week looks like cleaning and cookin’ and the general Independence Day Excitement (IDE).  My dog, however, thinks the Fourth is for squares because the noises scare her old little ears and her border collie heart….however,  it’s the only day of the year she’s allowed to hide in my bedroom so there is an upside.

So, with a full work week, family coming and the new bouncing baby blog, I don’t have lots of time to post, but I did want to say two things real quick:

1.  If you have good IDE recipes, will you shoot them my way?  I’m not sure what all I’m going to make but I am sure that cupcakes will be involved.

2.  Will you take a minute and hop on over to Speakopolis and read the link I posted this morning, “Where are all the Female Communicators”?  I think it’s an important and timely question.

Wow!  That’s a lot of favors to ask on a Tuesday.  Okay, that’s it from me.  Gotta go obtain some red, white and blue cupcake holders.

This Land is Your Land,



New Baby

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi friends,

Thanks so much for reading my random thoughts, lists, recipes and all manner of randomness on this blog over the past few years.  I still love writing in bite-sized pieces and I’m thankful that anyone shows up here at all.

Even though I love this do-whatever-I-want format, I’ve been wanting to develop something that focuses on the question I get asked the most:  how do I develop as a speaker/preacher/teacher/communicator?  After thinking about it for the longest time, I’ve finally taken the plunge and launched – yes – a new blog.  It’s called Speakopolis and I’m super excited about all the possibilities not just to help encourage up-and-coming speakers, but also to expose the talents of gifted women to the world outside their churches.

It’s just getting rolling, but I plan to give it a lot of energy over the summer so that it can become a gathering place for the best resources available…a little cybercity of advice, inspiration and encouragement.

If you’re interested, you can roll on over and take a look at my first real post which is about whether or not the “picture-the-audience-in-their-underwear” trick really works or not.  You’ll find the answer at

Speak strong,


P.S.  I’d love to hear from you about your favorite speakers, messages or speaker resources!


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Things I’m finding that kill dreams:

  • Looking back on failure: Ugh.  Repentance is freedom.  Regret is suffocating.
  • Looking back on success: When I relive old victories, I limit God to what He has done and miss what He’s still longing to do.
  • Judgment: Nothing kills dream cells quite as quickly as pinning on the rule-enforcer badge.
  • Satisfaction: Not to be confused with ‘contentment’.  When I settle into status quo, I have to start protecting what I have, and that kind of life is a killer.  I once read a quote by someone who was somebody that went  something like, “What you really need to make a dream come true is a good plan and not quite enough time.”  Whenever I sink into “plenty of time” mode, my dreams fade to gray.
  • Anger: Anger/bitterness/resentment keeps me handcuffed to the here-and-now and out of the land where dreams live.
  • Good dreams...that swallow up the GREAT dreams…small ones that snuff out big ones….temporary dreams that hogtie the eternal ones.

Still dreaming of dreaming,


Of Dreams and Laundry

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

We used to joke that our mom raced our clothes to the laundry room to see if she could have them clean, pressed and hanging back in our closet before they hit the bottom of the hamper.  I think God might do that with our dreams. When we connect with His will, life becomes a delightful race to see if we can DREAM bigger than He can DO.

I’m asking Him to again open up my imagination to His, understanding that when I go to the outer limits of all my wildest dreams, I’m only just arriving at the front door of His.

Dare to dream,


Happiness is…

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
  • Sunshine streaming through my office window.
  • Finding the cute little dress I forgot I bought in March when I really truly believed that summer was “just around the corner.”
  • Putting away the back packs on the last day of school.
  • Skipping the weekly Trader Joe’s bouquet and clipping the hot pink rhododendrons from my yard instead.
  • Key Lime Cupcakes
  • This wonderful web site.
  • Summer weddings.
  • Dinner on the deck.
  • The clever lady on the corner with the cardboard sign that read “Ferrari Needs a Tune-up”.
  • Sleeping in on Friday because no one needs a ride to school.
  • S’mores at the fire pit on a summer night.
  • Seasons.

Happy Summer,



Posted: June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Q.  What does a boy get who loses four awesome jackets in four months?

A.  A sweatshirt from Walmart and an invoice for $5.  That’s not a discounted mom-rate.  It actually cost $5.

Now, I don’t really have anything against Walmart except that it’s not conveniently located to my home.   While I hold no ill will towards the Big W, I typically avoid their clothing unless I am feeling REALLY cheap.  Josiah lost two jackets from Gap and two from Macy’s.  One, by the way, was an Epic Threads which is my favorite young guy’s brand of clothes and I had waited and waited for it to go on sale and finally it did and I felt like such a winner and then…he lost it.  But I’m not bitter. Or crying excessively.

This thing is that my son really likes nice clothes and cares about style and so we decided the best way to inspire him to take better care of his stuff would be to make him pay for a new jacket.  Since he’s 10 and has no job (read: financial dead weight), his budget can only afford the clearance rack at The Walmarts.  That’ll teach him, said we.

The problem with this learn-your-lesson jacket?  He loves it.  And gets a million compliments when he wears it.  Apparently, the blue matches his eyes.


One of us definitely learned a lesson here.

Still in a lot of love with my sharp-dressed man,


What I Know

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Facts:

  • In spite of living in Oregon’s high desert, it will not quit raining.
  • In spite of working very hard, some things that we have been praying for have not yet fallen into place.
  • In spite of being very young and healthy, my friend still died.

On drizzly days and in drizzly seasons of life, I am reminded of the story of the house built on the rock.  The house that didn’t sway or break beneath the force of the waves and the wind.  The rock for my house is an embedded awareness of my core values….they are the beliefs that keep life from imploding.  They are the  foundation upon which everything else is built.

While there are many experiences and mindsets woven into the fabric of my belief system, there are three that stand above all the rest.  These three make up The Holy Trifecta that holds the weight of my life and destiny.  And they are:

  1. He is.
  2. He can.
  3. He cares.

None of these can function effectively without the others.  I can believe He  exists, but still position Him far outside the reach of humanity.  I can believe that He is able to meet my needs or carry the weight of my dreams without believing that He cares enough to do so.  But when I truly believe deep down in the soil of my soul that these three things are resting beneath every move that I make, I will not be shaken.  Everything else may will shake.   I will not be moved.

What’s at the core of what you believe?

Steady as she goes,