My New Best Friend.

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, here’s what is changing my life right now (besides Jesus, who is always busy making something out of nothing):  Korean Tacos. This incredible fusion of Korean and Mexican food is just exactly the right combination for me and it was made famous by street carts like this one – Koi Fusion in Portland:

When something falls under the umbrella of “fusion”,  my mind immediately races to the ultimate destination known as:  NO RULES!   I love cooking without rules.  However, it makes it tough to find a recipe.   I’ll give you a minute to consider the irony of that last sentence.  So I read a big ol’ gob of recipes and made my own fusion for Korean Tacos that looks like this:

Here’s the recipe I used to cook the ribs.   The flavor was awesome, but I incorrectly assumed that Tori and I could spend the whole day shopping and movie-ing and they wouldn’t burn in the crock pot.  Again, wrong.  If you make them in the crock pot, 4 or 5 hours will be plenty.  Anyway, they were wonderful, but pretty crispy. (When pressed for time, I just grill a steak marinated in hodgepodge of fusion ingredients and slice it thinly – but the ribs are definitely worth the time.)

We placed the spicy beef on a small flour tortilla and topped it with an Asian slaw, green onions and – here’s the kicker – radishes.  I don’t understand why radishes make SUCH a difference, but they do.  They are miraculous because they cool the whole thing down, but they also give it a little diverse heat as well as a happy crunch.  Please do not attempt this recipe without radishes.  Also, some recipes call for bean sprouts which I suspect would be awesome, but I don’t know personally.  Mark my words, though:  I will know personally.  It shall be my solemn mission.

For the asian slaw, I used shredded cabbage and julienned carrots and then made a sauce of balsamic, sugar, salt and pepper, cilantro and sriracha (Asian hot sauce – SO good and SO hot!).

Really, you must try Korean Tacos and see if maybe…perhaps..your life changes a little.



  1. Katie Scott says:

    Radishes are the secret ingredient in my pico de gallo…don’t tell, okay?

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Seriously, Katie? That’s a great idea! I’m so trying it next time I’m ambitious enough to make pico instead of buy it. 🙂

  3. Vangi says:

    And I thought the secret ingredient to most everything was CILANTRO!! (which, by the way, my Aussie friends in Brunei — now there’s some fusion — call cilantro “coriander” — which maybe it is — I always thought of coriander as some nasty seed — but maybe it’s just the seed form of cilantro — or…I don’t know) Anyway, it’s good to see radishes having a purpose other than garnish. Don’t know if we have ’em here — haven’t seem them yet, but i’m still a little new. The lady at the grocery store did laugh at me when I asked for bok choy the other day — the kind of laugh that was like, “I don’t know what the heck you just tried to pronounce.” She finally figured it out, (that’s when the laugh happened) and told me no. What?? How can bok choy be out of stock in an Asian store?? Boxed milk — got it in spades, however. “Full cream.” Nice. 🙂

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Yep, Vang, coriander is cilantro seed! And it’s funny because I love one and hate the other…though I do feel like I have an unfounded prejudice against coriander because it sounds a little like caraway and is also a seed. Ew, caraway.

    No bok choy? Not okay. That might even be grounds for coming home immediately! No? Shoot.

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