Sick Days

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I realize that in the course of my blogging life I’ve talked about having the stomach flu an  inordinate number of times.  It’s because I have had the flu an inordinate number of times…and this is weird because I’ve enjoyed sickness-free seasons that lasted for years…perhaps even decades!   Anyway, again I find myself blogging from my bed, wishing I felt better but so thankful I don’t feel like I felt yesterday.

Here’s the big problem with me being sick:  it slows me down and slowing down makes me think more creatively…except not really.  Because my brain is not functioning as well as I think it is, so I tend to write long pages of words, secretly thinking they’re brilliant and then I re-read and say, “What the what?”  So, sickness makes me feel creative and contemplative, but it doesn’t actually make me smart.  Sad.  With all this time on my hands it would be awesome to also be smart.

Since that’s not happening, I’ll tell you what I am doing instead of clever, creative writing:

  1. Wedding shows.  I am watching plenty of Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings on TLC.

One reason I love Say Yes to the Dress is because the moms are often so wretched that they make me feel good about myself by comparison.  When you’re sick, you’ll take all the positive reinforcement you can get.  This particular episode, however  – and this exact bride –  made me feel really thankful for the goodness of my daughters.

2.  House.

Even though it creeps me out sometimes most times, I get sucked in and can’t get out.  Also, the conditions on this show make me happy for my flu.

3.  Blogs.  Sigh.  This is a little weakness of mine, sick or not.  Here are some of my current favorites:

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the past four days.  I’m finally up and around again and hoping to feel all-the-way better soon. How do you kill the time when you’re sick?

On the mend and caught up on House,


  1. Susie Kay says:

    You are the funniest, creative sick person I know. I am sorry you are sick, but benefit from your time and that wonderful brain of yours.

    I would love to read what you wrote and edited out.

    I had a wonderful facial yesterday by this great gal – I think you know her – Whitney was her name. It was great. She is a blessing. My daughter is a blessing also.

    Love you, Susie

  2. Carol Neciuk says:

    I am glad your feeling better, and Im certain I would have thought your long pages of words were brilliant!

  3. patrice says:


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