A Discipleship Dieting Story, Part Deux

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I had coffee with a dear friend who I haven’t been able to spend time with in a long time.  When I saw her I was amazed. Because she weighs like 63 pounds.  No.  I’m kidding about that.  But she has lost weight and she looks fantastic!  I was immediately jealous as I have some pounds of my own that will not go away and stay away so I asked her what she’s been doing.  She told me that she is using a book that she picked up a few months ago and it’s changing her life.  Not just how she looks, but how she feels.

Here’s the funny thing.  I have been struggling with losing weight for a good two years.  I mean, it’s really been frustrating me and I’ve tried a lot of things.  And in that time, I’ve walked past this book at Costco at least 50 times.  The book proclaims on the cover that it will CURE the very problem I am struggling with and yet I have never taken a single look.  Seriously, never even flipped through it once to see if just maybe it wasn’t kidding about having an answer to my problem.

Here’s the second funny thing:  I left that coffee with my friend and I drove straight to Costco and bought that book without even opening the cover.  The book didn’t have to prove itself to me, my friend had already done that.

Pivotal Circumstances:  I have a problem that’s affecting my happiness.  I’ve tried to solve it myself, but nothing has worked.

Providential Relationship:  My friend’s life demonstrates exactly the results I’m looking for.  Therefore, I will try exactly the cure that she tries even though that cure has been available to me for a long time and I have already rejected it as an option.

Discipleship.  It’s not a program or a class or a college.  It’s a story.

As I continue asking people about the things that have grown their faith, I’m discovering  that I have chances nearly every day to help fulfill the Great Commission by using the regular, everyday things in my life to make disciples.  You may not be a teacher or preacher, but you are someone whose life demonstrates the results of following the God who heals or sets free or provides.  You have a story and your story may make all the difference for someone who has a million times passed by the answer to their eternal questions without even lifting the cover.

You, my friend, matter.

Loving the story,


  1. Christy says:

    So, what was the book? 🙂

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