Choosing Joy

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dear Jesus,

You know that summer camp prank where someone suspends a bucket of water over a door, and the next person who comes in is surprised with a sudden waterfall over their unsuspecting heads?  I think maybe You invented that trick because I know it’s happened to me before with Your blessing and joy.  I’m just walking along and – bam! – waterfall!  Thanks for those beautiful, dousing moments.  I really love them.

Unless You know something I don’t, today is not that day.  I mean, maybe there’s a bucket teetering over a entryway somewhere, but what if there’s not?  What if doors are just doors and days are just days?  Long and dry and ordinary.  That’s seemed like the season I’ve been in for awhile now.


Today I’m choosing to build my own buckets.

Today, I’m looking around every corner and under every rock to find the blessings that bring joy.  And it’s working!

I’m so happy for my kids’ health.  For Josiah’s quick recovery from this flu business.  I’m thankful for a marriage I can count on….for relationships that remind me that I am not alone.  I’m downright giddy about the fact that I live in America – a nation that is wobbling, no doubt, but is still free and full of abundance.  For food and oxygen and for the cute skirt I just put on:  so thankful.  Filled with joy.  Doused by Your goodness.

Today, I’m choosing to stand back and behold the God that sends rain to dry seasons…whether through buckets that fall or sprinklers or hoses or cisterns or streams.  Thank You.



  1. Karen says:

    Thanks Bo – I am reading this through tears on an especially hard day…and trying so hard to be grateful!

  2. Susan from Nebraska says:

    Hey Bo – you forgot one more thing to be joyful about….a sister in Nebraska that loves you so much!!! Not everyone has a sister in Nebraska!
    We just had the best speaker at our church….she reminded us of all that God does in our lives during the hard times. I should send you the tapes…oops we didn’t tape her! Oh, well, just take my word for it. God is producing something so good in you that you will be amazed when you come thru the other side. Hang in there girl….you are stronger than you think because God is in the middle of your situation and He is holding you up and, from my experience, He never lets go!

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