Stormy Waters

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, okay, after all my big talk about how Steve and I are braving the waters of a long-distance relationship – I ran into a little speed bump today.

He left.

It’s weird because he leaves a lot, but today was just a day – this particular day – that I did not want him to go.  I have a demanding week coming up with work and then I leave for a speaking gig in the mid west before he gets home and having him walk out the door this morning was just…disheartening.  And I was not brave or a big girl or any of the things I would like you to believe that I am.  I was a baby.  And my eye was twitching violently.  And I got a nosebleed.  Not even kidding.  Stress does the strangest things to me, I tell you.

As the day went on, I kept simmering in my sorry emotional stew and Steve checked on me a couple of times.  He’s nice like that – and honestly, it’s one of the things that helps us do this traveling thing.  He’s very considerate about making sure I’m okay and making sure I know he’s okay.  That’s a win.

Also, the wonderful guy who makes lunch for our interns on Mondays cooked ribs today.  That’s also a win.

Finally, my dear niece, Noel, returned from her weekend sojourn to Salem (Sojourn to Salem:  such a good band name!) and I love when she comes home!

Tonight Steve will call after being on an airplane for a long time and in airports for a long time and in line at a rental car company for a long time, and he will pretend to not be tired.  He will ask about my day and act interested in the fact that I had ribs for lunch.  He will tell me who he sat by on the plane and I would bet good money that he will tell me about a chance that he had to talk with someone who needs Jesus.  My beloved is so good at finding the eternal treasure in the temporary trial.  Tonight, I will go to sleep thanking my Father for days that are filled with stress – because they remind me that my life is filled with His grace.

Behold: He is good on stormy days and His power is perfected in my eye twitching.

  1. Heather Hiatt Sutter says:

    Hi Bo,

    I’ve been praying for you this week…. Praying you are refreshed and blessed to overflowing! And your family be blessed too!

    Heather =)

  2. Susan from Nebraska says:

    It’s so nice to know you are normal!!! We are so excited that you are coming to us this weekend. I know God is going to great things thru you and in all who come. He IS good….and I am amazed He uses us!!!
    Love you so much, sister!!!

  3. Karen says:

    Ah Bo, the first 6 years of my marriage to Bob he traveled all the time….800,000 miles on United alone in 8 years. I had many phone calls just like the one you describe. Hang in there. You are wise and funny and strong and God is blessing you right this very minute!

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    OH goodness. You ladies are all so encouraging, I think my eye my start LEAKING!

    Heather & Susan – thank you for your prayers – I really can’t WAIT to be with you and your church. It’s going to be crazy fun and we’re going to get to the bottom of our souls!

    Karen – thank you. It’s good to hear from someone whose been there. It really is usually good and okay, but this week has been a toughie. Thanks for reminding me of who I am…I shall go be her! 🙂

  5. Elyxis says:

    It’s amazing to see God’s faithfulness amongst our storms! When I went to the GC conference up in Seattle Judah spoke about Jesus sleeping in the boat during the storm, it was a really awesome sermon! He talked about how Jesus knew full well when he told his disciples to get in the boat with him that there was gonna be a storm…and he still fell asleep… Judah said that the disciples shouldn’t have been in awe after the storm when Jesus calmed the storm, but they should have been in awe of this man who could sleep so soundly DURING the storm… it reminded me just how much I can trust Jesus, that he IS Lord of the storm…. Bo, I love you!

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