March 12: Loving the Lovable

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Recently, I posted this photo on my blog because it perfectly captured my love for the color red:

It’s funny, though,  because what I saw past the color red in this was…all those people.  If you look closely, you can see their faces.  So many people.  Billions of people.

Love God, love people – that’s the mission statement of my church and therefore, also of my work.

I totally get that, but it exhausts me.  How would I ever truly love all those people I don’t even know?  All I can do is trust Jesus to take care of them.  And it’s pretty easy for me to do because I’ve learned  He’s just way more skilled at loving than I am, so I can happily hand over their lives into His hands.  You know, I even believe that He loves really unlovely people too.  Like Hitler and Hussein…people that seem almost inhuman, I’m pretty convinced that our good Father pursued them til the end of their lives and to the ends of the earth.  I know He’s that good and that true that He can love someone that I would find reprehensible.


My problem comes with trusting Him to love these people:

Oh man, this little red-headed girl is someone I want to hold onto.  She shops with me, talks to me, goes just about anywhere I’d like her to go with me…I can’t even imagine anyone loving her the way that I love her.

And these two.  They are my heart.  They’re not just my kids, but some of my closest friends.  If something goes wrong in my life and Steve isn’t here, Whit or Corey are on speed dial.  I can’t imagine a better man for my daughter or our lives without them.  I love them.

Ah, my Tori.  Girl of my heart.  Girl who’s so, so much like me.  Girl who loves the Word of God passionately.  Frankly, I just don’t need much help loving this one.

Oh goodness.  I don’t even know what to say about these guys.  No two guys in the whole universe mean to me what these guys mean to me.  They are not just loved, but LOVED!   All-caps, exclamation-point LOVED…all of these folks are.

And that’s why…

Even though I completely understand that Jesus loves hard-to-love people better than I do, I have trouble in the depths of my heart believing that He can love the easy ones as well as I can.

Why is it hard for me to trust Him with them?  Why would I ever think that I have to twist His arm or win His favor so that He will keep and bless my treasures?  These are the questions He’s been asking me recently, and I think I’m finally learning how to pray for my family without inferring that He is somehow inept or uninformed.  It’s a trick for a girl like me.  But I like that I’m learning.

Behold: God is better at loving my favorites than I am.  He loves them most and best and will forever.  Amen.

  1. Ci says:

    You know, I struggle with the exact same thing. Coincidence? Like you, I am coming to understand the deep love of the Father for those who are so precious to me. It is near impossible to ever comprehend the depths of His amazing love and care…but I am so glad that it is not just a hope or dream…it is real and it is active.

  2. Carol Neciuk says:

    Bonnie, how do you do that? If you are not making me smile, you’re making me weep! I have been convicted-I have changed my mindset-I am a better person! THANK-YOU!!

  3. Heather Hiatt Sutter says:

    Bo, this post really truly touched me, way down in there… i deal — moment by moment, it seems — with releasing my family to God… i know that He loves them more than i ever could and that He’s with them even when i’m not, BUT. =) I think it’s a combo of a fear of what would happen if i wasn’t on earth with them AND an awareness of the balance needed of my love for them and my love for God.

    so, i’m learning. my heart is learning, actually, what my head already knows. and my faith muscles are being worked over!

    thanks for sharing your heart, as always!

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