March 11: One-name Wonder

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, have you heard this news?  Lindsay Lohan is suing e-trade for 100 million dollars for using her name and likeness in their Superbowl commercial.

Poor Linz.

That must be really annoying to have someone use your very own personal name and face without permission in order to sell a product.   Annoying!

But wait.  Here’s the commercial:


All I have to say is:  if your name happens to be Lindsay, get a good lawyer.  I can’t be certain, but I think if you were lucky enough to be named Lindsey, you’re okay.

Behold: American pop culture.  It does make me laugh.

What do you think?  Does Lindsay have a case?  Has she become famous enough that using her first name without permission is grounds for a lawsuit?

And while we’re all just hanging around, doing nothing on a lazy Thursday…how bout we watch THIS one too because it’s my very special favorite (and to my knowledge, no babies are being sued over this one)?

Taking these broken wings (for everything they’re worth),

Bo ™

  1. Wow.
    Enough said?
    I think she’s just a little sensitive since they referred to “Lindsay” as a milkaholic… And L.L. Is a somethingelseaholic.
    Sore subject? So, so, SO ridiculous.
    Some celebs live the theory that “any press is good press” to the extreme.

  2. Gloria says:

    My first thought is WOW!……….little defensive. I mean really that you would go down that road is just a big fat red flag of unresolved issuses. I mean the name Gloria is used in a handful of songs……..its all where you identity is. So thankful I have Jesus.

  3. Vangi says:

    Oops, I think the Lindster is a little desperate for some cash-ola. Alas, I have not heard anyone using the name Vangi without my permission (though Evangeline Lily better watch HER step…could have a case there — root of the derivative, you know.)

    We, of course, know that parody is sooo not okay in America, so if they actually were using her Lindsay-ness as the subject of their baby identity, they are in super-hot water. As we really don’t tolerate parody in this country of ours. “Full extent of the law!” I say! (and maybe even an extra 100 mil.) Wow.

  4. College Daughter says:

    I think she has a point. I mean, it’s not just the name. They really didn’t need to pick such a skank baby if they weren’t trying to send a message.
    All I’m saying is Lindsay’s been through this whole milkaholic thing before, do we really need to drag her through the mud again?

    Have a little heart, Hollywood.

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