March 10: A not-quite-exhaustive list of unsung gifts

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Let’s face it: the world is not overflowing with self-esteem boosters.  Sometimes, in fact, encouragement is pretty hard to come by.   Now, people have been very wonderful about cheer leading some of the things that I do for a living and in ministry – but what about the great things I do that no one really gets to see?  What about the gifts that are quite remarkable, but go unnoticed by the masses?  For a little pick-me-up today, I decided to list the impressive things I can do that few people know about:

  1. Fast and excellent card shuffling.
  2. Minesweeper (I’m not even kidding – I’m really good at this and really should be given the number of hours I’ve logged practicing while talking on the phone.)
  3. Online shopping (specialty: unique gift buying.)
  4. Ability to eat an entire Egg McMuffin in the time it takes to drive the 1.4 miles from McDonald’s to my office.
  5. Ability to hide the fact that I eat Egg McMuffins from my co-workers.
  6. Excellent towel and sheet folding.  Crisp!
  7. Pie crust.  I make a mean pie crust.  It’s the Mennonite in me.
  8. Yodeling.  Except not really, but I thought it looked impressive on the list.
  9. Ability to accurately predict the sex of unborn babies about 50% of the time.
  10. Ability to predict with remarkable accuracy when a dating couple will break up (that’s kind of a sad one.)

Behold: My top-ten least-significant talents.  I feel so much better having indulged in this small bit of self-congratulatory exhibitionism.  How about you?  What are your unsung gifts?

Feeling awesome,


P.S.  I love my blog family – thanks to those of you who called and emailed to make sure I was well after yesterday’s morose post.  The week’s lookin’ up!

  1. Aïda says:

    You make me smile so much! 🙂

    #1 very impressive!

    You are the BEST you ever! I just love ya!

  2. First, I love that you signed off on this one “Feeling awesome”…that just made my day. Second, this list reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey gets an audition because he had listed on his resume that he can speak French and Phoebe has to teach him because he doesn’t actually know how. Also listed among his many talents was horseback riding. 🙂

    My greatest unsung gift? I can plunge a toilet like nobody’s business. Seriously. Anytime our patient bathroom gets clogged here at our office, I’m the “go to” girl. What can I say…I grew up in a house with REALLY old plumbing. 🙂

  3. helenw13 says:

    good morning Bo…

    Care to share a tutorial on the fine art of folding fitted sheets…I watched Martha Stewart teach it once but ended up in quite a mess of elastic and linens.

  4. Greg Kooistra says:

    I love your minesweeper admission! I remember walking up to your office window about 3 years ago when you were on the phone and seeing you talking and playing minesweeper at lightning speed! I was thinking, “she IS the ultimate multi-tasker! you’re my hero Bo!

  5. Portland College Daughter says:

    I love your hidden talents! Especially the one about card shuffling, you’re a scary good card shuffler.

    I’m good at hearts on the computer.
    I’m good at talking really fast(not unlike an auctioneer).
    I’m incredably awsome at misspelling worts.
    I’m really good at finding hard-to-find YouTube vidoes.
    I can hook up a VCR like nobodies business.

    Yay for talents that help with the remarkably minuscule things in life.:)

  6. Ken says:

    Is it sad that I can eat an entire egg mcmuffin (well, at least a sausage mcmuffin with egg) in the time it take me to drive the 20 yards to the exit of the drive thru?
    I don’t know if eating is a special gift, but if it is – I have it.

  7. Alicia says:

    Bo you make me laugh! 😀 I want to see those mad card skills of yours!

    unsung talent: I make incredible soups!

    Love you!

  8. Can you teach my poor husband your card shuffling ways? He’s quite embarassing at the poker table.. He usually just hands the duty over to avoid ridicule from my family. (and since my dad is pretty much a poker shark, it doesn’t help the father/son-in-law bonding issue) 🙂

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