March 8: Irish Eyes

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay, so we’re going to meander our way to an actual behold today, but first?

Bemoan:  I get frustrated when my little American identity causes me to forget that other places in the world exist.  It’s easy to think our One Nation Under God motto extends all the way to One Nation God Likes.  A few years ago, I started traveling beyond the borders of the USA and I quickly discovered a short-sighted, narrow minded attitude in myself that needed to change.  Since then, I’ve been on a quest to learn about other cultures and I start in the place that makes the most sense to me:  governmental infrastructure.  I kid!  I start, of course, with food.

Now, behold:  my son-in-law, Corey, who happens to be of Irish descent.  If you don’t know him, here he is:

He’s not the blond one.  He’s the Irish one.  And he’s not as cantankerous as he looks.  Usually.

So, I’ve never really cared about St. Patrick’s Day before, but when Corey married into our family, I decided I needed to figure out what Irish food was all about.  Since then, I have developed a deep love for the food of the Emerald Isle.   Irish cuisine is not only economical, it’s also easy to make and is the very definition of comfort.  As the big day approaches,  I have carefully selected this year’s menu (Irish lamb stew, colcannon, soda bread &  Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse) by searching web site after web site.   If you’re interested in creating an Irish meal – or even just a  dish – for your family this year, let me save you some time.  Skip the searching and go straight to this site.. It’s fantastic.  Some of the recipes are very authentic, and some have a bit o’ the American blarney thrown in, but it’s a really good mix of classic and creative.

And, here’s something fun to get you in the mood:

Behold: The world.  It’s very, very big and very, very beautiful.

  1. Eater of the Freezer Meals says:

    Eireann go braugh!

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