March 6: Strange Dates

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s that day of the month when Steve and I have our most interesting date.  It’s a wonderful, horrible day when we cook something special, get out the fancy glasses and steal away together for an intimate time of…paying bills.

We’ve gone back and forth through our marriage.  Sometimes he handles all the money.  Sometimes I do (not pretty).  Somewhere along the way we morphed into a team sort of thing and a monthly date that incorporates our least-favorite (financial anything) and our most-favorite (eating and being together) activities.

It’s sounds funny, but it helps.  Making a special moment to enjoy some good food and pay bills together is important to us because it reminds us of the Why.  Why is all this worth it?  What is this money tied to?  Ultimately, it’s not about us working long hours to keep Cascade Natural Gas or Bend Broadband in business, it’s about making a life.  We work to make a refuge for our children in a world that’s bent-over with sin.  We work to make a home where love grows and Jesus is worshiped and relationships are enjoyed and legacy is lived out.  Bottom line:  our core values are costly, but priceless.   As hard as it is to face the bills, it reminds us that what we have here is worth paying and fighting and praying for.

Sometimes, we fall back into the bad habit of trying to weather the financial stuff alone, and that’s when we get in trouble because it leaves one person to carry the emotional load while the other person is in the emotional dark and  – eventually – resentment will be circling the camp.  So, as silly as it seems, we’ve found this to be a winner in our relationship:  rush in to meet the hard stuff head-on by building some romance around it.

Behold: Finding unlikely ways to celebrate the value of life; it smooths the edges and softens the blows.

P.S.  Today after bill-paying, we bought a bouquet of pink tulips and they are sitting on my coffee table and I am convinced that $5.99 can buy a whole lot of happy.

  1. Tracy says:

    5.99 buys a whole lot of happy every other week in my budget as well:) Blooms bring more than color to the coffee table, thats for sure!!

  2. Tara says:

    Tulips are my favorite. And I am happy to say that my new amazing husband knows this as well.
    Happiness that can be purchased for under 6 dollars. Love it. Top 3
    1. Tulips
    2. Coffee
    3. Old movies at Target:-)

  3. […] news: My tulips died.  Good news: Trader Joe’s had daffodils for […]

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