March 1: The Sounds of Study

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I love the music of Mozart.  It’s creative, compelling and passionate.

I listen to it when I need energy.  I listen when I crave inspiration.  I made my kids listen to Mozart from the moment they came home from the hospital – and look how cool they turned out!

I don’t always want to think faster or more creatively, but today I needed the extra fuel.  So I bought this CD:

Mozart for Your Mind = 11 songs that will stir the creative juices and get your brain moving toward a glorious destination.  Unless your brain is currently going nowhere, in which case the music of Mozart will get you there way faster!  There’s something about the big, dramatic sounds of classical music that make studying fourth century Church History  (which includes the rise of Attila the Hun and the fall of the Roman Empire) so much more fun!

Behold:  a fantastic subject to study and music to light the way.

P.S.  Economic tip from a friend:  this CD is $3 cheaper on Amazon than it is on Itunes.

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