February 23: Little Things

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
  • Great day at work – whew!
  • Casserole pulled from my Mennonite heritage – delicious!
  • Survivor Season 2, Disc 2 just showed up in my mail box – yahoo!
  • Steve is home.  Well, he’ s at a sales retreat, but he’ll be home by 8 – hallelujah!
  • It’s snowing outside and wood is ready and waiting to be turned into warmth in the wood stove – fire!

Really, some days I have to  intentionally look to find the treasure….but when I do,  it’s there.  It glistens and gleams beneath the surface of ordinary, difficult, real-life days.  It’s not any less-real than the hard stuff, it’s just less-noisy.

Less flashy.

But it’s there.

And it’s beautiful.

Behold: the little things.

  1. joy says:

    ohhhhhh I nnneeeddded thhiiisssss….

  2. Jenna says:

    My little thing of the day was a coloured note addressed to “Gerner” (Jenna) I got from a student that informed me I will be receiving cake as his birthday is coming up (next month), that I am a shiny star and a hero in Botswana. Jesus knew I needed that little thing today. Delish. Thanks for sharing yours little things too.

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