February 7: Not Quite Even Skin Deep

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I could pretend that today was going to be deep.  I could tell you that I will shortly reveal my heroes in astrophysics or bioengineering.  However, today is Superbowl Sunday and our collective attention span is probably pretty well covered in Cheetoh dust.   So let’s just be honest with each other and say:  fashion heroes!

Here.  We.  Go!

3 Fashion Heroes

I know, I know.  Not very original.  But it’s hard to argue with Audrey Hepburn as fashion icon.  Classic, feminine, mysterious.

And guess who else I love?

Yep, even though they’re mean sometimes, Stacey & Clinton from What Not to Wear are dear to my heart.  Great style, clever quipping, lots of New York City. (Just between us, it is not unusual for Steve to wander through while Tess and I are watching WNTW and forget to wander out.  I love that about him.)

Finally, not so much a fashion hero as a Mecca:

Can I afford to shop here?  No.

Is there even one within 100 miles of my little berg? Again, no.

And yet, Anthropologie remains a dear, distant dreamy hero.  Beautiful, vintagey-but-not-old, I always find that Anthrolpoogie has the most inspiring ideas and in short, makes me want to have a more focused fashion perspective, decorate my house more intentionally, and be a better human.

Behold: Style.   I know it doesn’t matter a lot, but it does – much like the colors in nature – make our sojourn here on this planet kind of interesting.  And for that, I’m grateful.

Any fashion heroes you want to share?

  1. Karen says:

    I live less than 4 miles from an Anthropology store…so if you ever wanna stop by….the guest room is ready!

  2. Joy says:

    I just cut bangs in honor of Audrey. Really. Love them. I feel fancy!

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