February 3: Cinematic Therapy

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, as I sailed through seas of stomach flu and missing-Steve-on-my-anniversary, this movie was a delicious little gift.

Arranged is the story of two women – a Muslim and an Orthodox Jew – who become friends and walk together through the process of arranged marriages.  It’s low-budget and low-frills, but still filled with culture, humor, honesty and romance.  It was like peering through the window at a world I rarely get to see.  Also? No sex, no violence and only minimal objectionable language.  Quite a movie miracle!

If you have a Netflix account, Arranged is currently in the Watch Instantly section.

Behold: Movies that let you travel far away from home without ever leaving your bed.

  1. Nicolette says:

    It’s like a day in the life of a Portland State student!

  2. kerifox says:

    instant netflix is one of the best things Nick and I have ever gotten!! So worth it.

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