February 1: Rewind Time

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

It took me awhile to embrace the concept of technology.  Now, however, I would list my notebook computer among my top 5 most important and valued material possessions.  But, I also love books and I don’t want to let new & fancy always take the place of old & faithful. Therefore, imagine my joy when I found these wonderful guys:

So fun!  So novel (heh)!

So Jane Austen meets Barnes and Noble.  (I suspect she would have hated Barnes and Noble, but I couldn’t think of a better analogy – proving yet again why I’m not as cool as Jane.)

These clever little creations are found at Twelve South and here’s what they have to say about them:

The real story. No two are alike.

Each BookBook is brought to life with hand craftsmanship and distressing, ensuring no two are exactly alike. From dual zippers with leather pulls, that at first glance look like bookmarks, to the sturdy reinforced hardback covers, BookBook is a vintage work of art built to protect modern day Macs. Along with classic looks, BookBook was designed to use as a traditional sleeve or to work while connected via elastic corner clips. Those dual zippers give you the option to charge your MacBook while it safely stays inside BookBook. This case is designed with good looks and smart functionality, cover to cover.

They’re not super cheap at $79.99, but if you’re someone who loves both old and new, they’re pretty fun to behold.

  1. Jenn Hoff says:

    I’m in love with those. I wonder if I’d be too dorky to carry around a pencil and notepad in one…since I don’t have a laptop! 🙂

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    I love that idea, Jennie, and reject any notions of dorkyness. Also, I don’t understand why they didn’t name this The Cutest Computer Case Company. 🙂

  3. […] writing projects, so I packed up my trusty computer (which is definitely feeling the need for one of these) and headed off to Barnes and Noble.  While there, I decided it was time for Part Deux of People […]

  4. Portland College Daughter says:

    Ok, seriously, I’m drooling right now.

    Also I’d like to say regarding–> “I don’t think Jane Austen would have liked Barnes and Noble.” If Jane Austen were Kathleen Kelley and Barnes and Noble were Joe Fox, they would not have fallen in love. In fact, she’d die an old maid and write stories with silly, self absorbed men like Frank Churchill and Mr. Collins. Oh wait, she did that in real life.

    Just my very random two cents(I think they were disturbingly masterful)

  5. bolovesjoe says:

    Heh. Disturbingly masterful indeed. (I sense a pattern in your life, senorita!)

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