January 31: Knowing

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Three small things happened yesterday that ended up creating one BIG, FATTY thing:

Important Thing #1) I did a lot of reading about varying philosophies surrounding the question:  how “knowable” is God?  Many voices in Christendom today are proposing that God is so large and mysterious and we are so small and finite, that – while we can know Him personally – we can’t hope to ever, with certainty, know about Him.   We’ve been too neat and tidy, they say, with our propositions and absolutes and – really – none of us can ever claim to know anything at all.  Since I personally feel hopelessly finite every single day, this argument is pretty compelling.    Who do I think I am, anyway, assuming that I might know with certainty that He is one thing and not another?   That He loves some things and not others?  It makes sense that His largeness – His “unsearchableness” –  would never stoop for questions from someone as small as I.  So, I was nursing a lot of questions and turning over a lot of scripture at the exact moment number 2 happened…

Important Thing #2)  My lovely, sweet, wonderful, un-dramatic daughter, Tess, got violently, wretchedly, woefully sick.  I’ve never seen her like that.  She threw up at 5-minute intervals for about three hours, while I sat on the couch and wished and hoped and prayed that I could do something to make that girl better.  She is my girl who rarely cries and it’s really, really hard to see her sick – it wraps my mom-heart into knots like nothing else.  Sometime after midnight (which – by the way – is exactly one million hours past my bedtime), Steve came down to take my place on the couch with Tess so I could get some sleep.  And that’s where number 3 comes in…

Thing #3) As I was still simmering in the soup of these “can I really know Him?” questions, I fell asleep.  I woke up with a start, worried for Tess and then I remembered, Oh, it’s okay.  Her daddy’s with her.  He will take excellent care of her. Just then a scripture shot right through my little sleep-deprived brain, “If you – being evil – take good care of your children, how much more will your Father in heaven take care of you?”  And then light bulb moment :  I know that about God.  I own it.  He will – truly – take good care of me.  He watches over me when I’m sick and sad and scared.  He walks me through both hard and happy times.  He is a great and wonderful Father – both the Word and my experience confirm it.

This is my truth.

I am not too small to know it and I am not too weak to build on it.

It can’t be shaken or questioned or intellectualized out of my possession because it’s real and true and I know it.  And if I can truly know this about God – I wonder what else might be within my grasp?

Behold: God is mysteriously unsearchable, but amazingly knowable.  Infinite, yet accessible.  That’s worth building my life on. I bet you really know something, too.  Want to share?

  1. Elyxis says:

    Wow Bo! Such an awesome revelation! I think one thing I really know and absolutely love about God is that His love ENDURES. I often forget about it or push it to the way side because the things in front of me seem more important (how awful of me). But I love that through my closed-ness and even sometimes rejection of God that his love can and will endure through it, and He still loves me. I need to learn to love in that way!

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