Behold: January 16

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

My boss has been telling me about a new donut shop in Bend called Delish Donuts and he swears to me that a better maple bar cannot be found even if one were to go on a three-year pilgrimage to lands far and wide, searching for said pastry with a fine tooth comb.  Well, okay, he didn’t actually say it quite that strongly, but he did say that these donuts are inspiring and without equal.

Yesterday, after a less-than-successful shopping trip, I tried one.  Maybe two.  I could go on and on but I won’t (you’re welcome).  I’ll simply say:  the angels sang.  The clouds parted.  Joy descended.  I am changed.

Please, would you just get a load of this unhealthy business right here:

And what about this?

Hello, beautiful maple bar with chocolate swirlies.  You and I are going to be very happy together.

You can have your very own donut experience at Delish which is open from 4:30 a.m. – 9:00 every single day.  They live in between Macy’s and the now-deceased Office Depot (RIP).  Park at Sears, you’ll want the exercise.  Get ’em to go, the place isn’t really much to write home about.

Behold:  donuts. They sometimes know how to swoop in and make a frustrating shopping trip a thing of beauty.

So be honest: when it comes to donuts, what’s your poison?  Favorite kind?  Brand? Simpson saying?

  1. ci says:

    Whatever is warm and simple…that’s my favorite. Basic glazed or sugar dusted, and yes, the amazing simplicity of a warm maple bar. I MUST come over the mountains and taste these beauties!

  2. Susie Kay says:

    Haven’t been there yet. But the best place I have found in CO for maple bars is Sisters Bakery. They are wonderful. Their bearclaws are no slouch either.

    I understand Sparrow Bakery is good, but haven’t been there either. Delish sounds like a good one to try and compare. Maybe that is what we should do – get maple bars from these different places and have a tasting – with coffee, of course.

  3. Jenn Hoff says:

    I’m going right now to put on my new skinny jeans. Because now I need to be reminded that the gluten intolerance that prevents me from rejoicing in these beauties with you does allow me to wear “cute butt jeans” now. Sad about the donuts, happy about the cute little sparkles on these back pockets! 🙂

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