Behold: January 9

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Proverbs (I think – I was actually too lazy to look it up) says:  A good name is better to be chosen than great riches.  I agree.

I was born Bonita Rae Mishler and it was quickly abbreviated to Bonnie and then slowly abbreviated to Bo.  I like to say that my name is Bonita but the “nita” is silent.  Shhhhh.

Rae is a cutesy thing my mom (who isn’t into cutesy whatsoever, so this is quite surprising indeed) chose when she decided to rhyme me and my sisters’ middle names.  Kay.  Fay.  Rae.  Does mine really rhyme if it has an “e” instead of a “y”?  These are the insecurities I lived with in my tortured childhood.

When I married Steve, I got a pretty ring, a 1977 Nova and the wonderful last name Stern.  I also got a great guy but that’s another post.  I love our last name for many reasons, but mostly because it’s kind of scary.

So, when we toss a too-long name, an almost-cutesy middle one, marriage to  a man with an intimidating and abrupt last name, and other mysterious factors into the pot of stew, we arrive at what is perhaps the least feminine name in the history of ever.

Bo Rae Stern

Not very flowery, is it?

Still, there’s something about it that I don’t just like…I love.  I love being Bo Stern.  It doesn’t show up on any baby name lists (for girls, anyway), it’s fast to write… and it really just feels like the me I was always meant to be.

Behold, my name.

Today, I’m remembering to enjoy it.

How about you?  Do you enjoy your name?

  1. Tara says:

    Oh how I love my name! I didn’t have one till I was three weeks old. (Since I was born early by 2 months my parents weren’t ready and refused to give me the wrong name). My dad fell in love with the name Tara while watching Gone with the Wind. The Hebrew meaning is “a measure.” Way better than “earth.” My middle name is Jeanette, “of God’s grace”. So Tara Jeanette = “A measure of God’s grace.” I think my parents were prophetic:) I think my husband and people who love me would agree much grace is needed. I am still getting used to the new last name, I loved my old one and I will love the new one just as much as soon as I can remember to sign it!
    Love you!
    Tara Jeanette Buce Edwards

  2. Tracy says:

    Unbeknownst to me until today, I was named after a soap opera star. Fitting I’d say, I’m a little dramatic and my life would make a great story line;)! Tracy means courage…I definately got that! But if I could pick my own I may just choose Jael, she’s really got some gusto.

    Love your Name!

  3. katie a says:

    Mostly I just like that my middle name is rhea-ann, and your middle name is rae and I think that makes just a skosch bit better friends.

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Tara, I love the story of your name – very cool!

    Tracy – I hope my blog had something to do with you tracing the story of your name to it’s roots in the soap opera world. So funny! Jael suits you, but remind me to tell you what I have thought about with regard to your name.

    Katie Rhea-Ann? I had no idea. That’s beautiful! And yes, it definitely cements our friendship in spite of the fact that my name is a little intimidated by your name.

  5. Nicole says:

    So you girls are Kay Fay and Rae and Mom and KK are Kay and Mae. That’s pretty cute. So what are Jan and Angie’s middle names? The options are endless….. Nae, Tay, okay the options aren’t endless and those two I listed are made up names. Lindsey and I are Renae and Lenae, Wow I am just discovering how alike all these names are as I type. how funny.
    So we have
    Lila Kay
    Cheyl Fay
    Bo Rae
    Susan Kay
    Carol Mae
    Lindsey Renae
    Nicole Lenae
    Any other Mishler girls with an “Ay or Ae” middle name want to come out of the workwork?

  6. bolovesjoe says:

    Angela Ann…and Jan….I don’t know Jan’s. It would appear that Aunt Carol did not consult the Lord before choosing middle names. 🙂

  7. ci says:

    I always liked my name, Cheryl, because mom named me after a dear childhood friend, and I truly love loyal friendships! I always liked that our middle names rhymed (even though it was cutesy) because it felt like another connection between us…and I just liked the way they sounded when spoken together. I have liked both my birth and married surnames because they are both simple to say and I am proud to carry on a legacy of character and integrity that they both represent.

  8. ci says:

    Jan’s is “Emily Jan”….sorry…no ay or ae. 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    Bo Rae Wii Ma Ho! Ah Si Bo

  10. sweetannieskitchen says:

    Bo, I love my name too! But I find it more interesting that my mother’s maiden name is Stern. 🙂

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