What I Have Day

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my life recently and it involves a lot of “running out for one thing real quick.”  On any given day I’ll discover I don’t have the right book or the right spice or the right movie to watch or the right skirt to wear tomorrow and when I make these startling discoveries I immediately grab my purse and keys and “go out” where go out equals spend money.  I’m finding that this does two really lousy things – one internal, one external:

1)  It keeps me in a state of discontent by causing me to always feel there’s something more to be found, bought or caught.   If there is a muscle called “contentment”, this kind of behavior causes it to atrophy in no time.

2)  Bottom line: it’s expensive.  Somewhere in the past undefined amount of time, I have lost the spirit of “making do” and drifted head-first into the spirit of “making more”.  This is a budget buster and I want to make some changes.

So a few Saturdays ago, I never left the house and it was honestly the first time that had happened in a long time.  I ran into  temptation from the first minute my eyes opened.  “It’s Saturday – Starbucks!”  But I fought the urge to visit my local barista and I made a pot of coffee instead.

The next issue I faced was gift wrapping and – guess what – no  tape.  It’s pretty much impossible to wrap gifts without tape and I was just about ready to send Steve to the store for a roll (and for some Oreos and maybe a little ice cream), but I remembered my commitment and just kept searching through drawers, boxes, couch cushions and kids’ rooms.  I ended up finding not one, but three rolls of tape.  I would imagine that one discovery saved me at least $20 in unnecessary store stuff.

I did laundry instead of going shopping.  I also found an awesome fashion blog and then played around with my wardrobe to find some new and creative ways to wear the stuff I already have.  I wanted to read and discovered three unopened issues of Good Housekeeping – which I had bought as an “add-on” subscription to Food Network magazine.  I found so much fun stuff in those three, neglected little magazines and I never would have found it otherwise.   Finally, we wanted to rent a Christmas movie, but ran into Elf on TV instead which enabled me to say lots of funny Elf lines for about three days and I bet my family is so thankful.

I finished out the day feeling so good about loving and living in what I already have.  Definitely a lot more of these days in my future.



  1. Deb says:

    THIS is great….there are days I purposely do not leave the house….and not just because of the rain..:-(…I do not want to spend any more money, so I know if I stay home, I do not. Your insight was funny and blessed my heart! And…due to your influence where God spoke to me concerning studying the Word more intently (from a retreat where you spoke)….I began to study the concept of “contentment” about 2 months ago and am being drawn deeper into El Shaddai…my all sufficient One. God is “really good” when I stay home!

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