Behold: January 5

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Every morning, I look in on my sleeping boy before closing his door to hide him from the hall light.  Every morning, it’s the same: crazy hair, steady breaths, peaceful dreams.  Every morning, my mom-heart is still so happy to see him in those   pre-sun hours, living the way a boy should live.

This morning the silence was split by a screeching siren as the ambulance flew past my house to the hospital.  This morning, someone’s mom or grandpa or child was not where he should be.  This morning, someone somewhere is praying for a miracle.  I cannot imagine.

Behold: healthy children.

Such a treasure.  Dear, dear treasure.

Beyond thankful.

  1. Remember when I was pregnant? and a lot of times your posts made me cry? And I blamed the tears on the pregnancy hormones? And that made me not feel like a silly emotional ninny?
    Apparently it was all a lie, because I teared up at that post and I can assure you I am not, in fact, pregnant. So now, in an effort to save face, I shall blame those tears on the onions (that I’m not currently cutting)

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    No, Kristin, it’s probably not hormones, but I would guess it’s still baby-related. I remember the Christmas after Whit was born, standing in the Christian book store, reading Christmas cards and crying like a silly woman. I also remember thinking, “Wow, they really made them meaningful this year.” Kids just mess up your heart. Forever. Sigh. It’s a good mess.

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