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I love New Year’s resolutions.  For me, they help with the Christmas letdown by focusing my attention on the good stuff ahead.  I don’t always keep the resolutions, but I think it’s better to shoot at something then nothing and so I make them every year.  Last year I posted this list and yesterday I evaluated it.  Actually, I wrote a post about it but it was remarkably boring so I decided to simply say:  I did well with some and not-so-well with others.  See how quickly things can be said?  I resolve to say things more quickly in 2010.

My first two resolutions are based on this scripture:

Overwork makes for restless sleep, overtalk shows you up as a fool.  -Ecclesiastes 5:3

  • Talk less.  This is a continuation from 2009, but I really loved the results and so I want to stick with this program.
  • Less busywork, more focus.  Americans work 500 hours more annually than other countries and are still less productive.  I’m increasingly disillusioned with the man made 9-5, fill-the-hours-because-that’s-what-we-do system and am determined to spend more time prioritizing and focusing on work during a confined number of hours, so that I can then spend more time enjoying my family, my life and dreaming for the future in the balance of the hours.
  • Oh wait!  That last resolution has sub-resolutions which include:  no checking work email at home (at least not more than once or twice) and no worrying about work stuff at home when there’s nothing I can do about it.  If these two don’t kill me, they’ll save my life.
  • More exercise.  Also a carryover from 2009 because I ended up loving this one.
  • Set clear and shorter deadlines.  I often blow it by giving myself too much time to finish projects and then nothing ever ends up being perfect enough to be called “complete”.
  • Master learn more about French cooking.
  • Figure out Ecclesiastes.
  • Make a new friend.
  • Love my husband better than ever.  There are sub-points to this one but I’m not telling because he reads my blog.  Hi Steve!
  • Help each of my children achieve or experience something they haven’t before.
  • Stay taller than Josiah (shout-out, Holly!)

That’s the gist of where I hope my year is headed.  What are your resolutions?

Looking for something clever to rhyme with 2010,


  1. I love your lists.:) I like thinking of resolutions, it’s always encouraging to think of all of the things you can be.

    – Talk Less(holla; shoot that’s against the resolution).
    – Pray lots more.
    – Be focusedly passionate; otherwise it’s exhausting.
    – Exercise more.
    – Choose Joy.
    – Choose contentment.
    – Live intentionally, or it’s not living.
    – Recognize simple as simple and don’t try to “improve” it.

    All of these things will result in my perfect self. Haha, just kidding. I can see some of these things already being grown in me and some of them I’m adding, but all of them sound good to me.
    Maybe we could help each other talk less…ya, that’s not gonna happen.:)

  2. Karen says:

    OK will you two please explain “Talk Less” to me? My husband thinks this requires duct tape. UGH. I have so much to say all the time how in the world can I talk less? I try. I try so hard. I sit quietly. I wait. I endure long silences. and then…I talk. sigh.

    Could you please write a 6 wk study on “Talking Less”?

  3. Holly says:

    I’ve still got tomorrow to make a not yet fully considered list of resolutions. The person in me who loves words got hung up on something to rhyme with 2010. After 24 hrs of ponderings I sure couldn’t come up with much.

    I first tried to find that 4 syllable word… Copenhagan, Shenanigan, Zapotecan; then digressed to Better than Zen, Lions Den, Toothless Pagan… Truth found again, truth bound again…

    Bo, good luck with that and stay tall! It’s a doozy!

    Truth bound friend,

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Haha, Holly – I join you in the hopeful prayer that 2010 will indeed be better than a Toothless Pagan. Hahaha. Still laughing…

  5. Susan from Nebraska says:

    Pray more is a big one for me. I pray but the word MORE is what I am impressed to do. Also, to try not to feel guilty about all the things I think I should do and don’t because I dread them but end up doing because of the guilt!!!
    Am I alone in this??? It must be the “first child” responsibity thing that won’t let go of me. So my resolve is to let it go myself!!! That’s why I need to pray MORE!!!
    Happy New Year to you Bo!

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