2009: My favorite discoveries

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
  • This book and lectio divina.
  • Pirate’s Booty.  Yum.
  • The great emotional benefits of daily exercise.
  • Grandma jewelry.  Love it.
  • That uncertainty can be a synonym for either misery or adventure and the choice is mine to make.
  • This web site for fashion inspiration.
  • That for marriage to keep growing, you have to kill the autopilot button.
  • The Civil Wars.
  • Food Gawker.
  • That God is real and true and steady and faithful.  No matter what.  That’s a discovery I keep making.

I’d sure love to know – what did you discover this year?

Choosing adventure,


  1. Elisa Earwicker says:

    You read What I Wore too?? Oh how I love it! Though I would only venture out in about 10% of her outfits she helps me see my wardrobe more creatively.

  2. Ditto Bo on #1…lectio divina has rocked my world…it is so amazing when God continues to draw you to the same place…through reading Richard Foster’s Life With God and also St. Benedict’s Toolbox…it took residence in my soul this past year. This past year, I felt led to stop checking off reading the Word and spend more time savoring it…including memorizing…it has not disappointed!

    I would also say it goes hand in hand with the Daily Office (I wish I was more daily…that is a pursuit for 2010)…there are many out there and I have tried many…but my heart beats for Robert Benson’s Venite…there is something that is so precious and sacred to know that others are uttering the same verses as you perhaps at that same moment…there have been times where life was beating down and it only took reciting the first verses and peace prevailed…(perhaps its the little girl that wanted to be a nun that still resides…but I have found that God takes those parts of us and uses them to draw us closer to Him).

    The two books that have made me feel that Jesus was speaking to me…Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts and Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

    Lastly…I don’t read a lot of fiction…no reason…just tend towards non-fiction…but this summer I read a lot and it was a treat…finally read At Home in Mitford…so fun…I have lent out The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society to so many friends…it is always returned with sighs and much love…this might not count since I have a little more to read but I am loving The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock…and I am so happy it is one of a triology…

    That’s all…books have less calories than food…so I am not going there…ha!

    Merry Christmas Bo!

  3. Katie says:

    I will have you know, that because of you I clicked on that “What I Wore” blog and, as a result, am now completely in love with it and also completely dissatisfied with everything I own and just want to go to New York and shop. I blame you.

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Yep, I love What I Wore, but the key is to let it help you work with what you have, I think. So much of her stuff is thrifted or used in another way in other outfits and it’s inspiring me to be more creative.

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