Ah, Danny Kaye

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Isn’t it amazing when  something has the power to stick from generation to generation unaltered?  I love Danny Kaye, my daughter loves Danny Kaye and I’m guessing her daughter will be just as irrationally obsessed.  Ah, legacy.  How I love it!  Here is one of DK’s most famous scenes.  I’ve  included, free of charge, my thoughts about this classic clip below…and oh, how I’d love to hear yours.

  • Has there ever been a better stage entrance?  I think not.  Just once in my life, I’d like the curtains to open right before I walk in somewhere, even if that somewhere is Target or Trader Joes.  And I’d like a skirt that swoops like those skirts swoop.
  • I know I’ll get pummeled for this but:  Danny Kaye is twice the talent Bing Crosby is.
  • Also, Vera Ellen is half the woman I am; look at her waist.
  • I would give my left arm for one of those outfits the ladies are wearing.  Actually, Vera Ellen’s would only fit my left arm so I’m suddenly very attracted to Rosemary Clooney’s gown.
  • Men – no matter how handsome – ought not wear sparkles.
  • I was surely meant to live in the 40’s.  In addition to my desire to stalk Danny Kaye, I am hopelessly jealous of every single dress I see in the crowd.   Don’t even get me started on the shoes.   And whatever happened to women dressing fancy?  Let’s bring that back, darnit!

Dreaming of a White Christmas and a dress to go with it,


  1. Aïda says:


    You sure make smile!!


  2. ci says:

    I’m with you on the dream of getting to wear one of those dresses, AND looking good in it! 🙂

  3. Jamie Schulz says:

    I am not sure what my parents were thinking but I once watched 8 straight hours of Danny Kaye movies on Christmas vacation. There is no comparison for his humor. Besides, his facial expressions are fabulous!

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Haha, Jamie – I love that story! And I totally agree…it’s the facial expressions that make him brilliant.

  5. Aïda says:


    You sure make me smile!

    I really do look forward to reading your posts and appreciate the time and attention you give to each and every one.


  6. Cathy Turk says:

    This too is my “Christmas ” must see movie.. however, i could almost skip through most of it just to get to the scene where the General enters the room at the end…oh, the tears…that scene move me every time!

  7. Nicole Walker says:

    Finally, someone who understands how I feel! I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the only one who has this crazy feeling that I completely belong in the 40’s. I would have, without a doubt, been one of those bobby soxers waiting to catch a glimps of Danny as he left a show, screaming with the others trying not to faint as he walks by. Not only was Danny funny, but charming and elegant. My 2 year old will occasionally walk over to me and say “mommy, watch Danny Kaye?” and I’ll put on Merry Andrew so that he can sing along to Tickity-Boo. Even my 1 year old is glued to the screan whenever any of his movies are playing in the house. As soon as they hear his voice they run into the livingroom smiling from ear to ear. =)

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