Thanksgiving Worship

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Matthew 20:20 Then the mother of Zebedee’s children came up to Him with her sons and, kneeling,  worshiped Him and asked a favor of Him.

I wonder how many times I’ve tried to leverage my worship to get something back for myself and I wonder what that does to my relationship with Jesus – or even just to my concept of who He is to me.

On this beautiful and wonderful Thankgiving, I would like my worship to stand alone.  With no needing or wishing or wanting.  For this moment, I’m going to save the asking for another time and another place and trust that He will take care of me in the process.

  • I love You today just because I love You today.
  • I love You for creating me and this world I call my temporary home.
  • I love You for Your kindness.
  • I love You because You know me and stay with me anyway.
  • I love You in ways I can’t express and with words that will never be enough to tell You how much.
  • I worship You for Your life, poured out on the cross and raised in victory.  That one act contains inside of it everything I will ever need for anything I will ever face.
  • I love You for showing up and talking with me when You have so many other, more interesting people to talk to.
  • I love that You keep me held safely in Your arms when storms roll.
  • I love You for more blessing than my hands can hold and more truth than my mind can absorb this side of heaven.

I love You truly, madly, deeply.

That stands alone.


  1. Susan from Nebraska says:

    I love you Jesus for giving me parents that introduced me to you and being in a church that made you alive to me and for making my heart soft to accept You and love you for all You are!!!

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